Musicians fail to claim millions of dollars in residual income, says FMSM

This year the U.S. Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund collected $124 Million in residual income for musicians and composers, and millions of dollars are being unclaimed.

These residual payments were made by the Motion Picture and Television Producers who are operating under the AFM Basic Theatrical Motion Picture Agreement and/or the AFM Basic Television Motion Picture Agreement negotiated by the American Federation of Musicians.

This latest distribution represents 2021 fiscal year of April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.

The FMSMF collects residuals derived only from “secondary market” distribution of motion pictures. Residuals paid to the FMSMF do not include any revenue from any primary markets:

  1. No Domestic Box Office
  2. No Foreign Box Office

Residuals payable to the FMSMF are triggered only if a picture generates revenue in one or more of the secondary markets:

Primary MarketsSecondary Markets
Theatrical FilmDVD/Home Video, Pay TV, Free TV (including Basic Cable), New Media
TV Film or SeriesDVD/Home Video, Pay TV, In-Flight, New Media
Direct to VideoFree TV (including Basic Cable)
Direct to Pay TVFree TV (including Basic Cable)
New MediaDVD/Home Video, Pay TV, In-Flight, some New Media

Musicians and their beneficiaries can see if they are owed funds can search at https://www.fmsmf.org/

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