What To Expect In 2022: Ariel Hyatt shares how to improve you musical journey this year

Over the last two week’s we’ve been sharing 2022 predictions from a cadre of music industry insiders. Ariel Hyatt offers a more personal and motivational look at the year ahead.

Ariel Hyatt, Founder of Cyber PR Music

I could go deep about NFTs and how you need to keep up with the bleeding edge of AI and Web 3.0 but I want to invite you to change just ONE thing that may set you up for a better and more fulfilling musical journey in 2022.

Your Mindset.

Two conversations with clients from 2021 stand out in my head as if they happened 5 minutes ago. Both of these indie artists are dying to get ahead with their music and neither of them seems to want to do the most obvious thing that will instantly bond them to fans. 

The time they spent bitterly complaining to me about how they want millions and millions of views and streams and explored all of the shady companies that “guarantee real fans” and “real plays” could have been spent doing the hard work of writing something that resonates. And that could have been the game-changer.

The mindset in both artists is – I want/deserve to GO BIG.  And I get it, their music is extraordinary and sadly no one will hear it unless they commit to a shift in how they approach this whole damn thing.

And my best advice is: 

Work on your mindset. Put simply this is a collection of beliefs that make up your mental attitude and filter how you see the world.  If every artist who posts is annoying or too self-promotional to you and you hate watching other musicians who are putting themselves out there – this says much more about you than about what you are seeing.  If you instead tried to reframe what you see and ask yourself what is it I like about what I see here? Or what part of this musician’s actions are admirable or even bold and daring?  Just looking at this with a new frame of mind might give you a shift in your mindset.

Start by writing an email or a social post if you don’t have a single name on your email list by writing something deep, touching, profound, funny, or sarcastic if that’s what your brand is and it aligns with your music. 

Make it good -something other than look at me! Listen to me! Write from the heart and give your new fan something he can relate to because that’s what we’re all desperate to do right now.  

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