Music Business Facebook groups you should join now

This industry is all about networking, and what better way to do that than interacting on the social network.

A guest post by Randi Zimmerman of SymphonicBlog.

One of the most underutilized tools for networking in this industry are Facebook groups. Tons of music industry-related groups are actively sharing knowledge within communities of like-minded individuals just like you every day. In these groups, you can ask for support, get advice, inquire about job opportunities and so much more. Here are some groups you should definitely be a part of…

Artist Managers Connect

Artist Managers Connect is a digital community of artist managers from around the world who are dedicated to sharing knowledge, advice, and opportunities in order to better serve our artists and the industry as a whole. Industry pros and newbies alike have a lot to gain from this group.

“AMC is my favorite group on Facebook. Everybody in the group is supportive of each other and it’s opened up a lot of avenues for collaboration. They’re always doing meet-ups and events in various cities. Also, it’s not just for Artist Managers – members of the group work in all areas of the industry, so it’s a great way to meet new people and connect!”, says Randy Ojeda, Founder of Cigar City Management & Client Development Associate @ Symphonic.

Music Biz Besties

All you ladies out there, these next two are for you. Music Biz Besties is a private group for female musicians & industry leaders hosted and founded by Katherine Forbes. Katherine started the group with a love for networking and a yearning for a strong community of women all working together to make their dreams come to life.

In the group, you’ll have access to job opportunities, a community of music lovers just like you, and insights for how to make it in an industry that’s all about hustle and networking.

Nashville Music Industry

This Nashville Music Industry Facebook group is open to everyone who is in any way involved in the Nashville Music Industry. All you have to do is introduce yourself and let them know how they can help you! If you’re in Nashville, this is group is a must.

Symphonic Fam

Here at Symphonic, we’ve got our own FB group that fosters a supportive space for the indie music community to talk about the industry. Members can collaborate together to share knowledge on best practices, make valuable connections, and share related content. In Symphonic Fam, everyone is free to ask questions and share helpful tips and tricks with a supportive community of music industry peeps. This group is all about helping each other out by empowering independent musicians everywhere to do what they love.

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