7 effective ways to use videos on your band website

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth… well we know it is a lot, which is why adding videos to your website can improve your fans’ engagement tremendously and here’s how.

By Adam Percy from Bandzoogle.

With all band websites the ‘content’ is the ruler of your pages, and nothing has quite as powerful a punch in terms of impressing visitors on your site as video does.  Just a few stats to show just how important video is in terms of promoting your music and your overall content:

  • Currently, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users across the world

  • In 2021, the average person watched online videos for 100 minutes every day.
  • Internet videos comprise more than 82% of total consumer internet traffic as of 2022

Adding video takes your site from ‘static’ (not moving) to ‘dynamic’ (moving)plus it can help to make your site even more compelling to your visitors, and it’s an engaging way to reinforce your brand. People are definitely more likely to remember you and your music if they see it in a video, and will spend more time on your pages if there’s video on them.

So how can you take your content to the next level with videos? Here are 7 ways you can use video on your band website!

1. Add that video for your new single

Releasing music and using video to promote it have been a thing for a long time, well before the advent of online services like Youtube. 

For example, if you’re planning on an album release, chances are you’re releasing at least one single off that album.  And a video with that single can really help your fans connect to your music, even if your video budget is a white wall with an iphone and a guitar.

So if you have a video with your single, you should showcase that on your site right up front. With any new video single it doesn’t hurt to put this in a video feature directly on your Homepage.  

Bandzoogle makes this easy with our video feature – just paste in a video link  from a major online video service like YouTube or Vimeo, and the video will play on your page.

2. Stream a live show

In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s been extremely difficult to guarantee live shows and events for your fans. While streaming is not a total substitute for a good old fashioned gig, it has proven to be an effective way to maintain a connection with your fanbase. 

Like a show at a venue, streaming can be a two way interactive street. You can still sell tickets to a live stream if you want, and while there’s the option to do whole hog high tech production, you can also keep them relatively simply by using services like Facebook and YouTube to set up live stream events with little experience or investment. 

And unlike playing live, you can live stream your gigs whenever you want – no booking agents required! 

Our video features work with streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Crowdcast and more, and if you’re on a Pro level plan, you can use our calendar feature to sell tickets right to your streaming events.

7 ways to use videos on your band website - live streamingArtist: Tongues of Fire

3. Spruce up your design with a video header

The header area is where you get to make a really big impact on new visitors, and nothing can make a visitor say ‘wow’ like a video header. 

This is a pro level feature, but it’s supported on all of our website templates, so you can use video headers with any of our theme designs. You can upload this video right to your site via the header options in your page settings!

Create a professional website in minutes with all the features you need to promote your music career. Build a website with Bandzoogle now!  

4. Offer lessons or tutorials

For a lot of musicians, education isn’t just a side hustle, it’s a big part of being a musician as a whole. Like shows and gigs, a lot of artist educators now are moving more to lessons online – either live streaming or posting video lessons.

From guitar, piano, and singing, to perhaps more unusual instruments (who hasn’t wanted to learn the bagpipes?) online lessons have become a big way to learn – from beginners to advanced players.

Add video lessons or stream live to students directly from your website, making use of password-protected pages. You can also take payment directly via the store feature or on subscriptions pages (see below) for your services.

5. Promote your page subscriptions

If you’re setting up pages with exclusive subscription content on your site, it’s good practice to let your fans know what they’re getting with their monthly fees. 

Adding a short and personal ‘welcome’ video is a great way to entice new subscribers, embed a YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Crowdcast, or Facebook video right to your subscription landing page.

6. Get more tips in the Tip Jar

Like with subscriptions, using video will personally outline what visitor contributions mean to you as a musician, and how even a small tip can help keep the music going – even a short thank you or acknowledgement video can go a long way! 

And also like subscriptions, you can include an option to add a video right in the Tip Jar feature settings.

7. Make your EPK an ‘Exceptional’ Press Kit

Video isn’t just important for engaging fans, it’s also important for industry – a video can not only amplify the emotional power of your music, but it’s a great way for bookers, agents, and labels to really get a sense of the kind of artist you are visually.

Whether that video is a high production value CGI epic, a candlelit solo showcase recorded in your living room, or footage from the best gig you ever played, showing what you can do as a performer can elevate you in the eyes of the music business.  So when you add an EPK to your website, don’t forget to add the video!

7 ways to use videos on your band website - epk videoArtist: Zaynab K. Wilson

In addition to being extremely visual, videos are a great way to show off your musical chops on your band website. If you’re creating music videos to help grow your career, be sure to use that same content to grow your fanbase on your band website.

Adam Percy is the Customer Support Manager at Bandzoogle. He keeps the support team working well together, so Bandzoogle members can get help when they need it. Adam is also a keyboard player, synth nerd, and producer, who’s worked and toured with a lot of bands since the early 90s.

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