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AudioShake Indie opens new revenue streams for all creators

AudioShake just announced AudioShake Indie, a platform to help creators open their recordings to new revenue streams. Here’s everything you need to know right here…

A guest post by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog.

Here’s the rundown…

Every day, musicians miss out on lucrative opportunities because they don’t have the stems and instrumentals that music supervisors and buyers need. Now, AudioShake has launched AudioShake Indie, a fast, affordable way for indie artists and producers to create stems and instrumentals for their songs so that they can open up their recordings to new monetization opportunities and uses.

“We started AudioShake with the goal of helping artists make more money for their work,” says Audioshake CEO and Co-Founder Jessica Powell“Stems are going to play an increasingly important part of new music and content experiences, and we want to help indie artists have the same shot at those opportunities.” 

AudioShake’s award-winning AI tech is being used to create stems in seconds, and their customers include the three major label groups, several top indie labels, publishers, distributors, and music libraries. Their stems have also been delivered by indie artists for major ad campaigns.

How it works:

With AudioShake Indie, indie creators and producers can upload their recordings to the AudioShake Indie platform and purchase their stems either as one-offs or via subscription, for prices as low as just a few dollars per stem.

“To hear musical stems created with this technology—on demand– at this high quality gives any songwriter, artist, producer or rights holder not just new life creatively for their life’s work, but also the ability to create new revenue opportunities for every stakeholder involved,” says Billy Mann, Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer.

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