Corite harnesses fan power to drive marketing, funding and distribution

Music Biz Weekly podcast co-hosts Jay Gilbert and Michael Brandvold talk with Corite co-founders about their multifaceted platform for artists and fans.

Co-founded by Universal Music Sweden alumni Mattias Tengblad (CEO) and Emil Angervall (COO), Corite is a fan funded marketing platform that brings artists and fans together.

Artists can release music through Corite and fans make a contribution and get payback when it’s streamed.

Backing a campaign means supporting your favorite independent artists and contributing to a more transparent and sustainable music industry.

• Get your music on all major stores, including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, TikTok, YouTube and many more.
• Keep 100% of our rights
• Set your own royalty advance
• Make fans your marketing team
• Stay independent

• Invest in music you love
• Promote the music you love
• Get your share of the earnings
• Share the success with the artist
• Use your fan power

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