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Spotify, Complex live programming deal moves streamer closer to making radio irrelevant

Spotify has partnered Complex Networks to make Spotify Greenroom the exclusive home of all its live audio content. The partnership will launch with for live shows later this month.

CEO Daniel EK has been clear from the start that Spotify wants to make radio irrelevant and grab its ad dollars. Advertisers spent $11 billion on broadcast radio last year in the US alone.

Greenroom is Spotify’s Clubhouse competitor.

Owned by Buzzfeed, Complex publishes a magazine and online destination focused on popular and emerging trends in fashion, food, music, sports and pop culture.

At launch. one of the four live programs is directly music related. On Mondays and Wednesdays, DJ PVNCH will host The Complex Rap Show at 6 p.m. PT offering a deep dive into world of New York rap music. Other shows include Complex Sports Live, Complex Style ISH, and Complex Unsanctioned, which will cover wrestling and the WWE.

Next steps in Spotify’s war on radio: Live & Local

Since its launch of Greenroom in June, Spotify has promised greater integration with its music and podcast ecosystem, and with just a few tweeks the streamer could obliterate broadcast radio’s two main remaining advantages – live and local.

Greenroom is already built on live and local content could come from hundreds of thousands of DJs, creators and music fans eager for a platform much like bon-music creators found a home on Clubhouse and in podcasting. If you’re still a doubter, check out Stationhead which delivers free live DJ driven audio to 1.6 million users in 186 countries by connecting their Spotify or Apple Music accounts to the Stationhead app.

The day that Spotify gives creators access to stream its 82 million track library and adds Greenroom access from it main app will not be a good day to own stock in iHeartMedia and Cumulus.

In fact, you might want to consider selling now.

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  1. Maybe if it seems to be irrelevant we can stop using Spotify and go to YouTube by Managers select. Or maybe a G-mail. Holla at me. By Tonya Danielle Walker I always sing Live on my phone. I sent songs to Vibe Music .

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