Water & Music DAO launches Artist/Music Industry Web3 Sentiment Survey

The Water & Music DAO has launched the first comprehensive survey designed to capture how artists and the music industry really feels about “current explorations and applications of Web3 in the music industry” including NFTs, social tokens and Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Anyone who has spent 10 minutes learning about Web3 sees its transformative potential for musicians and the music industry. But for that potential to become a reality, the individuals and communities like Water & Music who are building that future need to understand the needs, concerns and desires of all stakeholders

That is why this survey is so important and why you need to take it now and help spread the words to other musicians and music industry professionals.

More from W&M:

“The data will be collected anonymously (unless you choose to identify yourself for further interviewing), and will be used for an upcoming report on artist/industry sentiment from the Water & Music, a music and tech research DAO. “

“The survey is a parallel to our Season 1 research iteration, where we studied fan onboarding experiences and strategies in music and Web3.”

“While the survey is designed to capture specific data points, we welcome more open-ended responses towards the end of the survey to expand further on your thoughts on the survey topics.”

Take the Water & Music Artist/Music Industry Web3 Sentiment survey

Bruce Houghton is Founder and Editor of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank and serves as a Senior Advisor to Bandsintown which acquired both publications in 2019. He is the Founder and President of the Skyline Artists Agency and a professor for the Berklee College Of Music.

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