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6 apps every touring musician needs

Live shows are back! Everyone is packing their bags and heading back on tour, and we can’t wait to see all your lovely faces on the road again. Feeling rusty? No problem. These apps are here to make your life on the road easier than ever. Here are some of the best apps for touring musicians in 2022…

A guest post by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog.

Road Trip MPG

Road Trip is a great app that lets you track your fuel economy and costs, document maintenance records, organize and compare vacations and trip costs, plan efficient routes, track mileage statistics, and more. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the road with a dead battery or flat tire. With Road Trip, you can easily split the cost of gas, stay up-to-date on maintenance, and ensure you and your bandmates don’t end up hitchhiking to your next gig.

$$$: 6.99


Bandsintown is the #1 artists services platform, connecting over 560,000 artists to their fans all over the U.S. With it, managers, labels, agencies and artists alike can access their own dashboard to manage and promote their tour dates across all platforms.

$$$: FREE

Band Mule

Band Mule exists to help bandmates harmonize their schedules. Band Mule features a shared band calendar, private chat room and shared set lists. Each member can edit the calendar and add rehearsal times or block out dates they’re unavailable. Members can all edit and share their setlists, which are saved in PDF format for easy printing.

$$$: FREE


HotelTonight gives you amazing deals on hotels for tonight, tomorrow, or whenever you need it, in a couple quick swipes. It also gives you discounts on empty rooms so you can get what you need for the cheapest price possible. Whether you accidentally didn’t book enough rooms or something goes wrong with the ones you did, this app will save the day.

$$$: FREE


Cleartune is a chromatic tuner and pitch pipe that will make you say goodbye to old visual and analog tuners. The interface is a note wheel tuner that helps you quickly find your pitch and tune in no time. Whether you play electric guitar, trumpet, or honestly anything that can hold a tune, you need this app in your life.

$$$: FREE

Artist Growth

Artist Growth modernizes the way business on tour is managed. It covers every aspect of the touring and promotion process, from tour management, roster management, event notifications, and collaborative tools and everything in-between. Artist Growth offers a bunch of useful integrations to bring together the touring ecosystem, like your calendar, ability to track your finances, and even manage guest lists. If you get anything from this list, this one packs a punch for sure.

$$$: FREE

In Conclusion…

It’s been a while… but it’s time to dust off your equipment and put on your lucky touring socks! These apps will make your life easier than ever and make touring a breeze. Now that live shows are back, we can’t wait to see you all in-person once again. 👏

Let’s do this!

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  1. Really helpful apps or musicians while on tour. Road trip mpg is paid but definitely worth trying if you are a regular road trip musician.

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