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Wordle like games for musicians and music fans: Taylordle, Weezle and Heardle

Swifties, Weezer finatics, and musicians alike can all enjoy one the these three ‘Wordle-like’ games for musicians.

By Stacy Simons Santos from Celebrity Access.

Another day, another variation that plays homage to Wordle, the word-guessing game. Wordle (created by Brooklyn software engineer Josh Wardle) took the internet and the world by storm as people compete against one another to get to the one correct answer.

Wordle may be easier than say, your local paper’s crossword, but rest assured, Wordle is no easy feat. There’s only one Wordle per day, consisting of five letters and you have six tries to guess it. The secret word could be anything within the English idiolect. Wardle sold Wordle to the New York Times for “low-seven figures”. I have a word for that – insane. Then the variations began …

Taylordle came first, the unofficial Wordle for Swifties! Like Wordle, it gives players six changes to correctly guess a five-letter word relating to Taylor Swift. Taylordle was launched by The Holy Swift, as podcast hosted by Kelly Broyles, Jessica Zaleski and Krista Doyle.

Weezer singer Rivers Cuomo then launched a parody version of Wordle, entitled (you guessed it) Weezle. Cuomo took to Twitter to announce his creation, “If you like Wordle and Weezer, you’ll probably like Weezle.” Weezle follows the same principles as Wordle and Taylordle, except the word of the day is always taken from the lyrics of a Weezer song.

Lastly, we have Heardle – what seems to be the fan favorite of all the variations thus far. In the game, you are required to guess the song of the day by listening to the intro. The aim is to guess the song in as few tries as possible. Incorrect guesses will unlock a little more of the song. Each Heardle is randomly selected from a list of the most streamed songs of the past decade. Music lovers have taken to this variation, sharing the love on social media.

The variations don’t stop there. You can also try Airportle (airport codes), Lewdle (naughty words), Nerdle (math), Worldle (geography), Quordle (a combo of four Wordles), Crosswordle and Lordle of the Rings (self-explanatory), among others. Let the word games continue!

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