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Ingrooves doubles stream rates by adding AI to music marketing

AI is creeping into every corner of the music industry and independent label distributor Ingrooves Is proving to be a trailblazer in AI driven music marketing.

The UMG owned company was just issued its second United States patent (No.11,113,707) for an invention that drives it’s Smart Audience advertising and marketing solution.

Ingroove’s is expanding on its work analyzing listening behavior by using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify high-value audiences for marketing campaigns The new tech operates with a privacy-first approach that does not rely upon personally identifiable information and ensures compliance with global privacy regulations.

Nearly double the stream rates

Ingrooves says that campaigns generated using Smart Audience AI have driven an increase in streams at a rate nearly double that of traditional methods. Most platforms rely on identifying fans via social media behavior.

“This patent is another significant milestone in our development of innovative marketing solutions that empower labels to be more strategic in reaching new streaming audiences with the best ROI,” said Bob Roback, CEO of Ingrooves Music Group. “Our data analytics and AI team is solving the problems of high-value audience identification on streaming services using proprietary patented methods that preserve user privacy while providing actionable opportunities for our label partners to grow their artists’ fanbases.”

Dr. SK Sharma

Ingrooves’ Chief Analytics & AI Officer, Dr. SK Sharma adds: “We had the foresight to make an early investment in prescriptive analytics and AI, building a world-class team that understands how to use mathematical, scientific, and analytical methods to interrogate massive amounts of data and translate the most important findings into actionable insights. The results are years in the making, and we are now able to use those insights to invent and power the most innovative solutions available to artists anywhere.”

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