Justin Warfield on taking risks, valuing others, finding creativity & more

What hasn’t Justin Warfield done? He signed his first label deal at 16 following a visit to the Montreux Jazz Festival with Quincy Jones and then went on to produce, compose and remix music across rap, hip-hop, alternative rock, electronica, and indie-rock with artists like Childish Gambino, Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue, and Saul Williams.

He’s also toured as the frontman of She Wants Revenge, performed as a DJ worldwide and worked as a record label executive.

30+ years of working in the industry led Justin to his current position as VP of Artist Services at Downwrite.

Justin shares these lessons and more from his journey on a new edition of the Music Biz Weekly podcast.

  • How taking risks can lead to the biggest rewards. Justin has been taking career risks since 1993 when he released his first solo record and started a rock band – since then, each risk has come with a rewarding outcome.
  • The importance of his motto– “I am a firm believer that everyone on your journey is important, even if at first you don’t know why.”
  • How to find your personal avenue for creativity – Justin has found creativity through exercise, driving, sitting on a particular couch and even washing the dishes.

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  1. I’ve seen fewer bills pass in both the US House and Senate for the betterment of artists. An artist is not always financially strong, so passing the Performing Artist Tax Parity Act is a good step.

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