Beatdapp helps rightsholders, DSPs catch streaming farms, bots, hijacked accounts

There’s been renewed attention lately on the increasing roll that stream farms play in launching releases including some from major labels. So this week Michael Brandvold of the Music Biz Weekly podcast sat down with the founders of a company that’s helping rightsholders and DSPs deal with the problem.

Morgan Hayduk and Andrew Batey are the Founders and Co-CEOs of Beatdapp, a tracking system that authenticates, verifies, and validates media streamed in real time to detect and stop fraud from bots, hijacked accounts, and streaming farms.

Beatdapp reduces the tracking discrepancies between Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and rights holders, increasing royalty revenue for rights holders while limiting legal exposure, expensive audit costs, and lawsuits for DSPs.

Just prior to he pandemic, the Vancouver based company raised $2.4 millon,

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