He built Spotify For Artists and ran Music at Twitch. Now SoundCloud has hired Tracy Chan to reshape its Creator platform

SoundCloud has named Tracy Chan as SVP of Creator to will oversee the SoundCloud Creator ecosystem globally, including tools, services, and other offerings.

“No one has built, launched and scaled more value-added products and services for creators,”

Previosuly Chan led the creation of Spotify For Artists and more recently was head of music at Twitch. Now he’s tasked with evolving the Creator platform to better help independent artists take their careers to the next level both on and off SoundCloud.

Tracy Chan

“No one has built, launched and scaled more value-added products and services for creators than Tracy,” said SoundCloud president, Eliah Seton. “Tracy has successfully built and established creator products for some of the biggest entertainment and tech companies in the world and we’re extremely excited to have him bring his talents to SoundCloud.”

“It’s a momentous time to join SoundCloud; a pioneering company that has continuously innovated and deepened its commitment to providing the best-in-class services and offerings that advance the careers of artists around the world,” said Chan. “My previous experiences focused on helping artists thrive in the existing music economy. Now, at SoundCloud, my mission is building the new music economy to help artists thrive.” 

Helping Creators @ Twitch, Spotify & YouTube

Prior to joining SoundCloud, Chan was Head of Music at Twitch during the exponential pandemic-fueled growth of the music on the platform. He also forged first-of-kind licencing partnerships between Twitch and Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Merlin, the National Music Publishers Associations and some – but notably not all – labels and global PROs/CMOs

Chan joined Twitch from Spotify where he was the Director of Product Management and building tools for artists and labels, including Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics.

Chan’s startup CrowdAlbum, a social, photo, and video aggregator that created a “visual history” of musical events was acquired by Spotify in 2016. Chan was also a product manager at YouTube, where he designed and launched YouTube Insight, the company’s flagship analytics platform for Creators. 

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