Spotify for Artists adds In Focus interactive guide to marketing, career development

Spotify for Artists has reorganized and revamped its extensive self-help offering as In Focus, a new free self-guided interactive site designed to help artists and their teams achieve career goals.

While centered on Spotify, In Focus goes well beyond it to offer tools, resources, and advice centered around five categories: Create, Promote, Connect, Earn, Learn. The help comes from the Spotify for Artists team, industry experts, and artists like Olivia Rodrigo, A$AP Ferg, Phoebe Bridgers, and dozens more.

In Focus features topics including:

  1. Growing streaming royalties and creating new sources of revenue
  2. Promoting music, reaching new audiences and building a brand
  3. Improving songwriting and honing your music-making craft

“We get it, the music industry today is complex – requiring artists and their teams to take on more responsibility than ever before,” says Rob Fink, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Spotify for Artists. “We’re always chatting with artists about the biggest questions and aspirations they have in their personal career journeys, and we designed In Focus as a direct result of that feedback. We want to remove the guesswork, and help artists focus on what matters most to them so they can reach their music goals.”

Check out Spotify For Artists In Focus here.

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