Beatdapp is a powerful music fraud investigation tool

Beatdapp has launched an industry-first confidential collaboration tool for DSPs and distributors to more effectively fight streaming fraud. 

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By visiting a portal on the Beatdapp website, DSPs or distributors can request a cross-check of suspicious ISRCs under investigation on their platform with known fraud cases uncovered across the industry by Beatdapp. This feature allows DSPs and distributors to participate in collaborative investigations with other platforms that are using Beatdapp by securely sharing information to gain valuable insight into complex fraudulent activity that spans multiple DSPs. 

“Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, building complex networks that spread their activity across multiple streaming services,” said Beatdapp Co-CEOs Morgan Hayduk & Andrew Batey. “By leveraging big data intelligence and cross-platform analysis, Beatdapp helps the industry uncover fraudulent activity that might otherwise be missed by a single DSP or distributor.” 

Visit Beatdapp.com/fraud-checker to try the product or write partners@beatdapp.com for more information about our suite of fraud fighting products.

“By leveraging big data intelligence and cross-platform analysis, Beatdapp helps the industry uncover fraudulent activity”

About Beatdapp

Beatdapp is a venture backed streaming content auditor and fraud detection company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto. It is transforming the process of royalty auditing and streaming fraud detection for the music industry that is expected to reach 1.2 billion paid consumers and generate $75 billion in revenue by 2030. 

Founded by industry and technology veterans Pouria Assadipour, Andrew Batey, and Morgan Hayduk, Beatdapp has emerged as a leading music technology company with deep domain expertise, customer empathy, and the technical ability to solve the most challenging problems presented by the explosion of streaming consumption worldwide. Beatdapp is on a mission to become the trusted partner of music labels and streaming services as the leading digital supply chain infrastructure provider for the streaming economy worldwide.

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