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Cartne launches free program to protect and educate musicians

Artists starting their careers independently are too often vulnerable to scams and crooked deals. Now artist management company Cartne has launched a program to help protect them.

by Bobby Owsinski from Music 3.0

Too many musicians, artists and songwriters who are just starting out are confused about their next step or steps in the music business. Likewise, so many get scammed everyday with offers of success that are too good to be true. Cartne is a new program developed by Nashville-based artist management firm Indie Connect that has plans to change that. According to CEO, Vinny Ribas, the company has researched and uncovered hundreds of topics that artists and managers have questions or are confused about, plus over 60 areas in which artists and songwriters get ripped off or scammed.

Launched this week with the first of 40+ interviews, Cartne’s goal is to become a central hub for the vital information that artists and professionals need to know. Over 150 music industry experts have signed up to be interviewed so far, and more join the list daily. Some of the experts include yours truly, Andy Hill (Dean of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe),  Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Molino (mix engineer with 3 Grammys and 5 Latin Grammys), Sydney Justin (lead singer of The Miracles – took Smokey Robinson’s place) and many more. 

One of the cool things about the site is that Cartne promises that every video will be reviewed for accuracy every 6 months so there will never be outdated information on the site. These videos are always ad-free and never contain any sales pitches. And at least 5 new videos will be added weekly.

Cartne will also host a member-based community where members can chat or video chat with other members, so they can support each other and even collaborate.

The Cartne tagline reads, “Taking the mystery, guesswork and risk out of the music industry.” It’s a hugely ambitious project, but one that is sorely needed.

The scam and rip off videos on the Cartne site will always be free to everyone, and there is a membership available. Every visitor will get a 7-day trial membership to check out everything the site has to offer. Memberships will be $10/month to access all of the content and the community. A pro-level membership will be available for $20/month as well. Pro members get access to special events, workshops and more. You can check out the previews currently on the site, or you can check out the video below.

Bobby Owsinski is a producer/engineer, author and coach. He has authored 24 books on recording, music, the music business and social media.

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