How to encourage fans to pre-save a song without a release date

Want to still promote a song and allow fans to pre-save with no release date? No problem! With Evergreen Pre-Saves you can do exactly that, and here’s how.

by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog

If you’ve got a new track coming out, setting up a pre-save for your fans is a great way to not only increase day 1 saves, but to grow your followers on Spotify, and so much more. But what if you don’t have a release date in mind yet? No worries, you can still create a Pre-Save for it without setting a date with Feature.fm.

How To Set Up Pre-Saves For A Song With No Release Date

Here’s the rundown…

Pre-Saves have become a staple in the marketing strategies of artists all over the world. But now, with the possibility of going viral on TikTok with unreleased music, what happens when the song starts to blow up and you don’t have a set release date yet? How do you maximize the attention (and traffic) that is coming to your social media?

This is where Evergreen Pre-Saves come to the rescue.

How Does It Work?

With the help of Feature.fm, it works very similarly to how the regular pre-save link works, and you can do it right from the SymphonicMS. From the fan’s perspective, nothing changes. They can still select their preferred music service, pre-save the unreleased track, follow the artist on Spotify, and subscribe to the artist’s email list.

The biggest difference is that because there is no set release date (and sometimes no set song title), you would simply have to change your smart link’s copy to something that is evergreen, such as “pre-save my next song to hear it first”.

Easy peasy.

How to get started:

  1. To access Feature.fm from the SymphonicMS platform, navigate to Market ► Feature.fm (Pre-Save).
  2. Next, create a smart link and select pre-release/pre-save. (Make the title something like “Automatically save my next release.”)
  3. Because you don’t have a set release date, rather than placing your release date and ISRC when creating the pre-save in Feature.fm, you will add a temporary date (1 year from the date of creation for example) and leave the ISRC blank.
  4. Edit the Pre-Save success message to remove the message that tells fans when your music is coming out.
  5. Be sure to add your artist profile under the Spotify section to also start collecting profile follows leading up to your release.

That’s it!

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