5 ways to make your music website stand out

A website is great to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Here are five ways to make your website really pop!

by Melanie Kealey from Bandzoogle

As a musician, you craft songs that will engage listeners’ emotions. Website design should do the same thing: while remaining on trend, you want the vibe to evoke a memorable feeling.

Clever use of color is a great way to capture attention, set a mood, and influence your website visitor’s impression of your band. To help get your website off to a vivid start, we’ve added a new ‘Bold’ mood to the theme chooser. Our designers tied concepts of Brutalism into vibrant color palettes to offer 11 new out-of-the box designs to kickstart your creativity and confidently frame your music.

Let’s look at some of these templates and how they can help you set a fresh tone on your website.

1. Emphasize your call-to-action

Your website is an ideal place to convert curious listeners (they’ve made it to your website, after all) into true fans.

The best way to direct your website visitors’ attention is with a prominent call-to-action. With a palette of bold color choices, the Spotlight template shines a light on your latest promotional effort as an indie artist in a prominent call-to-action at the top of the page. 

Featuring a universally appealing image that’s suitable to most artists, this template is set up to make a statement without much work on your end. 

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5 ways to use bold color in music website design example

2. Choose functionality over aesthetics

The concept of Brutalism has been rising in popularity within web design for its raw, stark  look. This means prioritizing direct effectiveness in your music website instead of a flashy, overly-designed feel. The Brutalist notion of practicality and clean lines played into the selection of colors, fonts, and imagery used in these contemporary design choices.

The Tonic website template is a great option if you’d like to test out a new, Brualist look for your band. This theme includes complementary orange and blue hues, and draws attention to your artist name off the top. It’s perfect for a party band, a rap artist, or a DJ website.

5 ways to use bold color in music website design

3. Choose a colorful stock image

Many musicians get tripped up trying to find that perfect image of themselves to display on their website. And understandably – band photos are an important part of building your brand online. However, you can design around that by using stock images that convey your vibe, and use your posed band photos on your About page.

If this idea appeals to you, try out the updated Mezzo theme. Mezzo features a side-set menu space ready for a pop of color. The right side of this website template is clean with simple lines and lots of space for content to flow, while the sidebar stays static.

By default it features a geometric image, going along with the simple Brutalist aesthetic, but you can replace this with any image you’d like. There are plenty to try out in the image chooser, many of which are abstract and would fit well within these new theme concepts.

5 ways to use bold color in music website design

4. Get experimental

If you enjoy taking risks in your music, a bold template choice might work well to carry that energy through to your website. 

Try out the simple Slice template – another powerful design that’s ready out of the box for you to add show dates, a bio, EPK, and more. Red is the featured color here, and since there isn’t a header image, this template can hold plenty of content.

5 ways to use bold color in music website design

5. Try a new font for inspiration

Along with the new ‘Bold’ mood, we added seven new fonts to all website templates  available in the theme chooser. If you’re not ready to switch your website’s entire design, you could try a new font to liven up your band name. You could also change your content font – even a small tweak like updating the style of your text can breathe new life into your website. 

The ‘Bold’ version of the Eclipse theme shows off  our new ‘Syne Mono’ font. If you try out this updated variant, the new font will display automatically. You can also use this font (and other new ones!) in any of our current templates.

5 ways to use bold color in music website design

To try out one of these striking theme designs, head to your Theme Chooser and click on one of these thumbnails: Receiver, Signal, Jacob, Slice, Entourage, Vincent, Tonic, Limelight, Mezzo, Spotlight, Eclipse. You’ll see the ‘Bold’ style  option there for you to click.

Bold color mood option in theme chooser

If you’ve been meaning to give your website a redesign, why not try one of these new options? Veering away from ornate details, this new ‘Bold’ mood focuses on practical designs that hold that notable ‘wow’ factor. We hope these vivid templates help to make your website an even more memorable visit!

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