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Learn from these 8 creative Music NFT releases

Looking to start releasing music NFTs? Here are 8 successful releases to take notes on…

by Rob Abelow of Dopr

Music NFTs present a blank canvas for artists and teams to unlock incredible ideas. Early artists are just beginning to scratch the surface on what is possible with this nascent technology. Each release presents an experiment that others can learn from and build upon.

Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative music NFT so far.


Next level collaboration

THE DROP: 77 artists come together to form a headless band, co-creating 45 songs & 1000s of visual layers. Released as Chaos packs, each with 4 surprise tracks & unique cover artwork, that holders must decide if they want to open or leave sealed. 20k unique editions. Using liquid splits by 0xSplits, creators can not only access their royalty shares in real time, they can trade those rights on-chain.

🤝🏽 Collaboration Unleashed
🎮 Gamify
🪩 Make It Fun
💸 Liquid Royalty Splits

Check out collaboration on a whole new scale → Headless Chaos


A re-imagination of storytelling around music.
A re-imagination of storytelling around music.

THE DROP: Jagwar Twin presents ‘Hall of Mirrors’, a metaverse to discover his music, his consciousness, and yourself. You need your master key to enter: a free, composable ‘crown’ NFT. Your attention & engagement within the hall dynamically impacts the elements of your crown. Discover free 1/1 artifacts by unlocking codes within the project lore, each opening a new room in the hall for everyone. The art & world-building here is truly next level.

🦸 Flex Your Creative
🌎 Build Your World
🎮 Gamify
🔑 Encourage Going Deeper

Experience the re-imagination of storytelling around music → Hall of Mirrors


A billion songs in your pocket.

THE DROP: 8 0xDJs, each with their own distinct style, continuously generate new songs when you hit play. It’s 100% ephemeral – each song is unique & never to be repeated. Choose 1 ‘record’, where you freeze & mint an NFT of a song you love, saving it before it’s gone forever. The founders have layered on more utility & built community by creating a home studio for your 0xDJ, the 0xSong Lab where you can produce using your DJs stems & the Masterpiece – where the community votes on the best ‘Records’ & owner-created tracks to produce the 0xmusic Genesis Album.

🦾 New Art-Forms
🧅 Layer On
🏗️ Build Community
🪧 Crowd Share IP

Find your ephemeral, generative DJ → 0xmusic


Split royalties with everyone you know

THE DROP: A video of BlackDave’s live set at the token-gated wavROOM during NFT.NYC, where only his token-holders could gain access. He split revenue on-chain to 154 parties (!!!), who automatically receive their revenue share in real time. In partnership with web3 splits tool Reveel, 30% of collection revenue goes to previous collectors & the remaining 70% to his collaborators.

📪 Overdeliver
🚀 Share Your Wins
😀 Reward Early Supporters
💸 Super Royalty Splits

See the largest royalty split ever → WAVroom Presents: BlackDave


What style would you like my song?

THE DROP: Sammy recorded 12 versions of his song “Pixelated” in different musical styles. Each NFT receives one of the 12 versions paired with a unique, generative-art character that corresponds to the style. Versions range in rarity, including 80s, symphony, warped tour, a duet with Zironi Violetta, a remix from ChillRX, and two 1/1s. All holders receive commercial IP rights to the art & music to do as they please. Get an NFT, the version & character reveal comes in a shared moment on a set date.

♾️ A Song Is Not Static
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Create Your Team
🌎 Build Your World
🪧 Crowd-Share the IP

See the many faces of a song → Pixelated


A mixtape powered by community.

THE DROP: Collaborative collections curated by artists & the community. 1 sample is provided by a producer. Artists create 60 second tracks using the sample. 20 finalists are chosen by the HedsDAO community. The sample curator makes the final cut to 10 tracks. A collaborative art piece is born. Artists receive 75% of mint sales, with 25% going back to the HedsDAO treasury.

🤝🏽 Collaboration Unleashed
🎨 Community Curation
🪢 Community Ownership

Check out the future of mixtapes → Heds


Form your own pixelated bands.
Form your own pixelated bands.

THE DROP: Each NFT is a pixel art band member playing a different instrument & stem for a track (drums, bass, guitar, keys). The 400+ stems are LoFI instrumentals in the same key and BPM, created by 80 musicians in the Pixelbands community. Team up with friends that hold the other instruments to start your own Pixelband. Combine your stems & burn your instrument NFTs to create a single Band NFT, with a song only your 4 NFTs can create.

🔑 Community Creation
🪩 Make It Fun
♾️ A Song Is Not Static
🎮 Gamify

Create your own pixelated band → Pixelbands


Music. Gameboy-ified.

THE DROP: This collection is MAiWORLD’s album release. Each edition comes with its own physical, corresponding Gameboy cartridge that plays the 1st “MAiWORLD” video game. 7 songs. 7 perspectives. Yeah, they made a damn video game to go along with each track.

🌎 Build Your World
📖 Tell Your Story
🎮 Gamify (literally)

See the Gameboy-ification of an album release → MAiWORLD


Early web3 artists are proving we can unleash next-level collaboration, make royalty sharing transparent, fast & automatic, empower communities to lead & curate, incentivize deep engagement, reward early supporters, crowd-share IP, build worlds & create art like never before.

This is a blank canvas.

Creators are limited only by the reaches of their imagination.

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