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Your Morning Coffee Podcast: RIAA Mid-Year Report • Indie music’s radio fight • fake artists • new hope for radio payments

Episode 111 of Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart’s Your Morning Coffee: Weekly News for the New Music Business podcast is live, and you can listen to it here.

Episode #111

On this edition of the YMC podcast, hosts Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart discuss the following important stories:

  • “From The RIAA (and other sources)The RIAA Mid-Year Report ~ We Break It Down”
  • “Why Indie Artists Are a Rarity On Radio: ‘If You Don’t Pay, You Don’t Move Up’” (Billboard)
  • “Why Major Labels And Spotify Love Fake Artists” (Penny Fractions)
  • “House Legislation To Get Artists & Labels Paid For Radio Airplay Gets Companion Bill In U.S. Senate” (Billboard)

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