How to design free cover, poster art using AI [Artificial Intelligence]

FRIDAY FLASHBACK: Every Friday, we’re going to resurface a popular and still-relevant post from the past. This one from Brian Hazard is a simple tutorial in using AI [Artificial Intelligence] to create free cover art, posters, and website graphics.

It’s a useful guide that readers loved when we posted it this summer. Plus, we’re pretty sure that Brian is going to share an update on his AI journey with us next week.

How to design cover art FREE using AI [Artificial Intelligence]

by Brian Hazard from Passive Promotion

No doubt you’ve AI-produced images popping up all over social media.

One such AI is DALL-E, credited with creating the world’s first AI magazine cover. The one I’ve heard the most about is Midjourney, and the beta is now open to all!

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had a ton of fun messing around with different prompts. You can tell it to create literally anything, with as much or little detail as you want.


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