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Your Morning Coffee Podcast: Shorter songs, Pink Floyd, TikTok & Taylor Swift (of course)

Episode 119 of the Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart hosted Your Morning Coffee: Weekly News for the New Music Business podcast is live.

Episode 119

On this week’s episode of the YMC podcast, your hosts, Jay Gilbert and MIke Etchart, chat about the following important stories:

• Here’s Why Shorter Songs Are Surging (And Why Some Welcome It)” (Billboard)

• “Pink Floyd Wanted $500 Million For Its Music. What Went Wrong?” (Bloomberg)

• “Taylor Swift Ticket Sales Crash Ticketmaster, Ignite Fan Backlash” (Deadline)

• “What’s It Like Using TikTok’s Music-Streaming App?” (Billboard).

Listen below or on your favorite podcast platform.

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