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Symphonic Distribution artists collaborate for two unique album releases

Symphonic is releasing what they say are the first international compilation albums released by an independent music distributor.

Bringing together 10 producers and 15 artists, SympCamp 1 and 2 mark the kind of creative collaboration and group marketing that others need to emulate if they hope to help their artists rise above the clutter of the 100,00 tracks uploaded to music streamers each day.

by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog

Here’s the rundown…

Back in 2022, we hosted our first international songwriting camp. After the event, Symphonic Brazil & Symphonic Latino artists collaborated to create two diverse compilation albums, breaking cultural barriers through a unique, artistic experience. During one week in August 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil, 25 creators (10 producers / 15 artists) from Brazil and the Dominican Republic came together to produce bilingual songs in different studios around the city. With 20+ songs created in the process, the two albums are appropriately dubbed “vol.1” and “vol.2”.

“This project was a watershed for the Symphonic Brazil operation. After more than a year and a half working from home, we finally took to the streets, getting closer to partners and promoting a wonderful meeting of cultures and musical styles. The unique experience showed how music speaks louder than any language or cultural barrier, and that translates into the music we’re now releasing. Hopefully audiences from both Brazil and the Dominican Republic will get to experience through the tracks how enriching the whole experience was.” says Ian Bueno, Head of Symphonic in Brazil.

The first album is out NOW, and the second is on February 3rd.

Available on all streaming platforms.


Who’s on the album?

Dominican Republic

  • Producers: Gerard La Melodya, Leo RD
  • Artists: Mark B, La Materialista, JC La Nevula, Braulio Fogon


  • Producers: Cabrera, Ecologyk, Jay Kay, Celo1st, BADZILLA, Champz, Woak, Xochuo
  • Artists: AKA Rasta, Kweller, Krawk, Sotam, Leal, Haitam, Trunks, MC G10, MC Kadu, Fred, MC Dup

“The song camp experience was incredible! It’s great to work with a distributor that doesn’t just think about the cold technology of uploading our songs to streaming platforms, but that also promotes such unique projects like this one, bringing tons of relevant artists together for an exchange that can make a real difference.” –Ecologyk, Beatmaker and Producer.

 Want to learn more?

Check out LaMusica‘s official video featuring behind-the-scenes of the process, its significance, and more below…

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