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Where have all the fans gone? A visual breakdown of Music Consumption

Never has music consumption been so divided across literally dozens of services. So to have any chance of success, musicians and the companies helping them need to understand how and where music is consumed and how that is changing.

This new infographic by Athul Alexander via the Visual Capitalist looks at global music consumption based on data from a 2022 survey of over 44,000 people from 22 countries by IFPI.

Unsurprisingly, paid subscription services like Apple Music and Spotify are the most preferred option for listeners, but they account for only 24% of music consumption.

Add in ad-supported tiers, and you are still at just 32% or less than one third.

Bruce Houghton is the Founder and Editor of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank, a Senior Advisor at Bandsintown, President of the Skyline Artists Agency, and a professor for the Berklee College Of Music.

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