Beginner’s Guide to the TikTok Creator Fund

In this post, musicians can find the answers to frequently asked question and learn the basics of building a paid platform on TikTok with the Creator Fund. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog

As an artist looking to grow your community online, TikTok is a no brainer. Musicians all over the world use it to share creative behind the scenes clips, inside looks, previews of new music and so much more. And if you’re already a creator on TikTok amassing some major traction, you’ve probably heard of TikTok’s creator fund. With it, artists like you can fund side projects all while creating the same content you already love. If this sounds good to you, here’s how you can get in on the action.

“Is it worth it?”

Let’s be real… any free money is always worth it. If you’re already creating content on the platform, there’s nothing to lose from enrolling in the program. Even if you only make a dollar a day just starting out, that’s money you can use on touring, new releases, recording and whatever else you could use some extra funding for.

Especially for independent artists looking to expand income streams from across platforms, this is a great addition to the roundup.

“How much money can I make?”

A couple factors influence how much money you can rack in with the Creator Fund. From views to engagement and many other details, adhering to their community guidelines goes a long way. Typically, users see around 2 to 4 cents per every thousand views. But if you regularly see a million views on your videos, you can expect a pretty penny in your account every year.

As we have all seen time and time again, consistency is key. The more you post, the better your videos will continue to perform over time. If you plan on keeping the grind going on TikTok, why not get paid for it!

How To Apply:

To apply for the program, you have to meet a plethora of requirements. Some of which include:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • A legal resident of one of the 50 states, District of Columbia, or the territories and possessions, of the United States.
  • Minimum 10K authentic followers.
  • At least 100K authentic video views in the last 30 days.
  • Post original videos in line with their Community Guidelines.

If these all sound like you, you’re ready to go. — Just open your account settings, click on Creator tools, then TikTok Creator Fund. 

Now, just wait to be approved by their team and that’s all there is to it.


And that’s not the only way to make money from TikTok…

Making sure you are collecting all the royalties owed to you across all platforms is an essential part of being an artist. On TikTok, it’s no different.

While most DSPs pay creators based on the number of streams or views, TikTok has a very different model when it comes to royalties. TikTok pays royalties based on the number of videos created using your music (the video views do not matter when calculating TikTok royalties).

With Symphonic,  we make it easy. We do all the work, collecting your royalties on your behalf and paying them right to you. If you haven’t already set this up, it’s very easy to do. We even wrote a whole post explaining how it works and how to do it yourself. (Check out, “How Do TikTok Streaming Royalties Work?” to get started.)

Easy peasy.

To wrap it all up…

Whether you end up making hundreds or thousands from the TikTok Creator Fund, any extra income goes a long way as an artist doing it all yourself. If you’re already making great content on TikTok, you’ve got nothing to lose! So what are you waiting for? If you meet all the requirements for this cool feature, get in on the action and start making money today.

Good luck!

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