How to use Spotify Countdown Pages, Pre-saves to promote a new release

Spotify has added Countdown Pages – a new in-app destination for fans to pre-save upcoming albums, watch video Clips, see the timer count down to release, and more.

by Sarah Maloy from Spotify For Artists

The album release moment is one of the most important in an artist’s career, but building momentum for a new release in today’s world requires artists and their teams to work across multiple platforms and services. It’s complex, time-consuming, and creates a disconnect between where music is hyped up and where it’s actually streamed. Until now. 

Introducing Countdown Pages, a new destination for your fans to pre-save your upcoming albums, preview the track list, pre-order new merch, watch video Clips you’ve shared, and see the timer count down to the release moment – all in one place. 

Taylor Swift, Karol G, Florence and the Machine, Quevedo, Paramore, and others have already tested Countdown Pages and the results have been stunning: On average, more than 80% of pre-savers have streamed the new release within the first week. Based on these results, we’ll be giving more artists the ability to set up Countdown Pages right in Spotify for Artists over the coming months.

How artists are using Countdown Pages

We announced Countdown Pages at Stream On, where the Jonas Brothers shared their excitement for a new way to connect with their fans ahead of their new album, The Album, coming in May. “We have a special connection with our fans,” said Kevin Jonas. “They have been supporting us since our very first album.” 

“And we’re always looking for opportunities to give them a first look at everything we make,” added Joe Jonas. “That’s why we’re excited to start using Countdown Pages, a new tool that Spotify is starting to roll out today,” concluded Nick Jonas.

They also introduced a few of their fellow artists to talk about Countdown Pages. Starting with Jennifer Lopez: “I’m really excited about Spotify’s new Countdown Pages,” she said. “Spotify is beginning to roll these pages out to more artists around the world, letting them bring their own personalized strategy to each and every album.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for the personal connection that I have with my fans,” added 6LACK. “Countdown Pages is just another way to deepen that connection.”

The ins and outs of Countdown Pages

When you’re building hype for your new album on other platforms, it takes a lot of time (and money), but doesn’t always translate into first-week streams or sales. That’s why we built Countdown Pages right where fans listen to your music – on Spotify. They’re designed to help you build hype for a new album and, ultimately, drive week-one streams. Fans who pre-save your album on your Countdown Page will get a push notification when it’s released, and we’ll automatically add your album to their library so they can start streaming. 

After you publish a new Countdown Page in Spotify for Artists, top fans will be automatically notified that one of their favorite artists has an upcoming release. They’ll be able to pre-save your release, preview the track list, watch exclusive video content, and more. They’ll see the three most recent Clips videos you added to your page, and when they click one, they’ll be able to explore more in your video feed. If you’ve already released any tracks from the upcoming album, they’ll be playable within the track list preview, so fans can stream your new music as they watch the timer count down.

Listeners can also access and explore your Countdown Page straight from your artist profile under the “Upcoming Release” section. If you want to see how it works for yourself, head to the Spotify mobile app to check out the brand new Countdown Page for Ed Sheeran’s upcoming release

Start the Countdown

Spotify has begun rolling out Countdown Pages to more artists around the world, so you can bring your own personalized strategy to each and every album. More updates will be coming over the coming months. 

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