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Music & Tech Overload: Make the most of SXSW with these meetups & more

It’s that time of the year again–when the most innovative minds in music tech flood into Austin, TX. From cutting-edge AI music production to the future of music streaming, these sessions will give attendees a front-row seat to the conversations surrounding the future of music tech.

So grab your badge and head to these events to be inspired by the brightest minds in the business:

Artist and Label Innovation Meetup 

If you’re hoping to network at SXSW, the Artist and Label Innovation Meetup is the place to be. Learn about the tools revolutionizing the way we make, release, distribute, and market music–and connect with the people behind them. Moderated by Rock Paper Scissors’ Dmitri Vietze and Music Tectonics’ Shayli Ankenbruck, every artist, label, manager, and industry innovator will have a chance to jump on the mic for an introduction in a zany open mic format.

It’s all going down on Thursday, March 16 at 2:30 pm CT at the Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 408.

Who Gives A Sh!t About Indie Music?

Spoiler: we do, and you should too. Join leaders from Bandsintown, Secretly Group, Wasserman Music, and First Avenue, who have built their careers around a passion for indie music and developed unique perspectives in booking, marketing, distributing, and more. Explore both the current state of the industry as well as projections of future obstacles and opportunities facing independent music.

Join the conversation on March 16 at 11:30 am at the Austin Convention Center, Room 18AB.

Big Future Money: The Next 50 Years of Revenue 

Recording and publishing once accounted for a good chunk of the music industry’s total revenue. But emerging revenue sources like fitness, social media sync, and gaming–once thought to be icing on the cake–continue to grow and stake their claim as a substantial pathway to profit. Join data experts and royalty whizzes as they imagine where money will come from decades in the future and what we can do now to make sure everyone gets paid.

Fractionalized song rights marketplace, Labelcoin, hosts this panel on Tuesday, March 14 at 2 pm CT at the Labelcoin House, taking place at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden.

Bridging the gap between Asia and the West

The next generation of music consumers is bringing a global perspective on music. KPop blazed the trail as an international music movement, opening the door to endless opportunities. This panel, featuring SXSW Innovation Awards Finalist SURF, explores how technology can bridge gaps between markets and propel global distribution.

Join the conversation on Wednesday, March 15 at 12pm CT at the Labelcoin House at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden.

PR for Weirdos: Start Your Startup PR Plan Now

PR for startups can feel dull and meaningless, but not if it’s done the right way. The key: let yourself be a weirdo. Join Tristra Yeager, Chief Strategy Officer at Rock Paper Scissors, as she takes a practical look at PR and how to prime yourself for maximum impact. Walk away with concrete resources to develop your own weird PR plan and begin telling your company’s story.

The workshop is on March 14th at 10 am at the JW Marriot, Room 301-302. Advanced sign-up is required. Online sign-up is now open on the SXSW Schedule for Workshops. 

True Grit: Embracing Technological Innovation and Disruption in Uncertain Times

The ever-changing technological landscape requires music industry professionals to be innovative, adaptable, and ready to pivot when necessary. Panelists–all with track records of operating at senior levels in media, entertainment, and technology–will share their lessons learned from innovation successes to failures and how they have developed their strategies and tolerance for risk.

March 15, 3:30 pm at the Innovation Bridge Europe House, 506 San Jacinto Boulevard, Entrance East 5th Street.

Anna Barnett of Rock Paper Scissors

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