Winamp offers a ‘fairer model’ for musicians with Winamp for Creators

Legacy digital music brand Winamp is back and working to create direct artist-fan relationships with Winamp for Creators. Learn more in this Indie Spotlight via A2IM.

from Winamp via A2IM

At Winamp, our goal is to unlock the relationship between artists and fans, and the new service Winamp for Creators is our answer to the music industry’s need for a fairer model in digital music. At the center of this is the Winamp Fanzone, a space that offers artists the opportunity to build a new, recurring revenue stream.

Creators will be able to set up direct-to-fan subscriptions with custom tiers and pricing, offering their supporters access to exclusive content and experiences. In its essence, it’s the ultimate fan club, owned by the artist and filled with their unique creativity.

The first year is completely free for artists who sign up between March 15 and April 15, after which it’s just €50/$55 per year. They will also have this time to create and customize their profiles and tiers before the platform is made available to listeners and fans on April 15. If you’re a musician, get ready to plug into the power of your fans and join our community of Winamp Creators here.

Listener or fan will be able to give voice to the artists they love in the Winamp Fanzone, forming part of a unified, fluid experience integrated into the new Winamp player. This will be launching on April 15, so stay tuned!

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