How the Adam Ezra Group raises ticket sales using landing pages

Learn how D.I.Y. musician Adam Ezra is using landing pages to sell more tickets to his shows as well as to capture more fan data.

by Wes Walls from Bandzoogle

Coming out of the pandemic in 2022, Adam Ezra Group was looking to boost attendance at their gigs and increase ticket sales along their tour schedule. They  wanted to draw new audiences to their shows in each local market. 

Adam and his team turned to the Bandzoogle landing page feature to help create stronger calls to action for the social media campaigns they ran for each show.

The group:

Working outside the confines of the traditional music industry, Adam Ezra and his bandmates built a community of fans through regularly performing hundreds of shows a year across the U.S. By staying engaged with these fans through social media and their website, they’ve had great ongoing success marketing their shows.

The Adam Ezra band performing on stage, with guitar, drums, and accordion.

Project summary: 

Their goal

Adam and his team were looking to run awareness campaigns leading up to each show on their tour schedule to help boost ticket sales. Each campaign was broken down into 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Show targeted social media ads to audiences in the local area of the concert venue
  • Step 2: Direct audiences to a dedicated landing page on adamezra.com for the specific show in their area
  • Step 3: Sell tickets directly on the landing page, or from the promoter or venue website
Two smartphone screenshots from the Adam Ezra website, showing a sponsored ad and its corresponding landing page. Picture of Adam Ezra in the background.

We followed Adam and his team as they promoted shows in New York City, NY and Boca Raton, FL.

The challenges

Reaching the right audiences on social media platforms and converting clicks to actual ticket sales is a key challenge. There needed to be a clean, compelling flow from clicking on the paid social ad, to adding the tickets to a cart and completing the purchase.

How it turned out

The band earned a measurable boost in ticket sales by running campaigns that paired highly-targeted social ads with dedicated landing pages for each show.

The Adam Ezra band live on stage, playing: violin, keyboard, percussion set, drum kit, bass, and guitar.

How Adam Ezra promoted shows to new fans

The band already had a large social media following with an accessible fanbase to easily reach for marketing live shows. They marketed to new audiences by running ads on Facebook and Instagram using targeting criteria such as geography, age, and interests. 

Their ads started running several weeks before each show in the local market. In some cases, they also boosted their campaign by remarketing to people who visited the landing page.

They applied this formula with a small ad spend to upcoming shows in New York and Boca Raton, complementing the other promotional efforts they were making.

How Adam Ezra boosted ticket sales

Adam’s paid social campaigns were set up so that a fan who clicks an ad is directed to a landing page on adamezra.com. That page shows only information about the show coming up in the fan’s area. 

The page has details of the gig and venue, a promo video from Adam hyping the show, and a single call-to-action (CTA) button leading to a ticket purchase checkout. The landing page has no main menu and no distractions.

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The results

The band allocated $60 towards an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram for their New York show which allowed them to reach several thousand people. An ad click-through-rate of 1.8% (which is typical for social media campaigns) resulted in several dozen people clicking to their landing page.

Screenshot of visitor reports for a landing page created to boost ticket sales for an event.

Because the venue was responsible for the ticketing, the landing page CTA button pointed visitors to a 3rd party ticketing site. They tracked clicks on the CTA using Bandzoogle’s built-in reporting, and also using the Meta Pixel installed on their landing page.

Ultimately a handful of people purchased tickets directly from their social media campaign. But these sales—along with the awareness generated from their ads and other promotional efforts—helped result in the best-selling show ever for Adam Ezra Group in New York City, and a huge success in Boca Raton as well.

For ideas on how to use a landing page for your next marketing campaign, check out how to properly use a landing page on your website.

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