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Your Morning Coffee Podcast: UMG + Endl AI • 120K new tracks daily • streaming rates • more

Episode 146 of Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart’s podcast Your Morning Coffee: Weekly News for the New Music Business is available now.

Episode 146

On this week’s edition of the YMC podcast, hosts Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart chat about these important music industry stories:

  • “Universal Partners With Generative AI Startup Endel To Create ‘AI-Powered, Artist-Driven Functional Music’” (Music Business Worldwide)
  • “There Are Now 120,000 New Tracks Hitting Music Streaming Services Each Day” (Music Business Worldwide)
  • “Songwriters’ Streaming Rates From 2018-2022 Have Been Determined (Finally)” (Billboard)
  • “Dispelling The Utopian Dream: The Complex Reality Of Music Royalties” (Music Ally).

Plus Audio Drops From:

  • Kris Ahrend, CEO of the MLC (Music Licensing Coalition) –
  • Oleg Stavitsky, CEO of Endel
  • Tracy Chan, SVP of Creator for SoundCloud

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