Use AI to promote music with DropTrack

It’s now possible to use AI to promote music, and among the handful of startups making that possible for both artists and labels is DropTrack

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DropTrack is an AI-powered software tool designed to help record labels promote their music. With our platform, you can keep your entire catalog – all your music and metadata – in one convenient location, making it easy to manage and share with industry influencers and potential fans alike. Reach the right audiences and get your tracks noticed by the people who matter. Whether you’re looking to promote your latest release or discover new opportunities for your entire back catalog, DropTrack has everything you need to succeed.

Promote Your Music

DropTrack helps you get your music heard by industry influencers. We use AI to discover the best opportunities for your songs and personalize your outreach. We present your music in a professional format with your logo and branding.

Promoting your music with DropTrack is easy. Import your contacts or submit your music to our directory of industry influencers. If you don’t have your own contacts, that’s fine – we offer premium contact lists of industry influencers in each genre. Our powerful promotion tools allow you to collect feedback and support for your music from global DJs, playlist curators, bloggers, radio stations, and music supervisors.

Receive Demo Submissions

Discover hot new tracks first with DropTrack. Our platform lets you receive music submissions from artists and genres you love, stay on top of trends, and help break the next big thing. Simplify your A&R and manage all your demo submissions in one place. You can even get paid for listening to demos and providing feedback!

Ready to get your music heard?

DropTrack is offering a free 30 day trial.

Sign up now and start promoting your music like a pro. For partnerships and other inquiries please contact DropTrack founder Paul Loeb at paul@droptrack.com.

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