Why songs are getting shorter

This week’s Hypebot Flashback Friday post digs into a trend that is showing no signs of abating. Bobby Oswinki shares why.

Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

Songs today are shorter than ever with some coming in at even under 2 minutes. That doesn’t mean that they’re any better or worse than what came before, but it’s worth noting the reasons why shorter sub-3 minute songs seem to be the norm these days.

Historically Speaking

Most pop songs destined for singles were traditionally 3:30 and under. This was because of the physical limitation of the vinyl medium back in the 7 inch single days. If the song went too long, then it couldn’t play as loud and would be noisier as a result. This set the original time limit, although radio (the major discovery medium at the time) had a lot to say about it as well.


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