How indie artists can unlock the massive Brazilian music market

With a population of 214 million, the Brazilian music market is great for artists to find new fans. Learn more about how you can get started regardless of the genre.

by ERIKA PARR from CD Baby’s DIY Musician [VIDEO BELOW]

Let’s dive into some compelling reasons why Brazil deserves your attention:

If you’re an independent artist looking to expand your reach and tap into a vibrant music scene, Brazil should be at the top of your list. This culturally rich country boasts fascinating statistics that make it a goldmine for musicians seeking new horizons. We prepared this guide on how unlock the Brazilian Music Market, for you, Indie artists! 

1. Diverse and Tech-Savvy Audience

Brazil’s population of around 214 million people presents an incredible opportunity for artists to connect with a vast audience. Luminati reports that three out of four Brazilians having access to the internet, music streaming has become a significant driver of the country’s music industry growth. This tech-savvy population creates a perfect environment for artists to showcase their music on digital platforms and gain a strong following.

2. Eclectic Musical Tastes

Although “Sertanejo” remains the top musical genre, music is ingrained in the Brazilian DNA, and the nation’s eclectic musical tastes reflect this fact. 

From local Brazilian Traditional Music to globally popular genres like Pop, Brazilians appreciate a wide range of musical styles.  This diverse musical landscape means that your music has the potential to resonate with a variety of listeners, making Brazil a fertile ground for expanding your fanbase.

3. Eager Live Event Attendees

Live events hold a special place in the hearts of Brazilian music enthusiasts. 

A staggering one-third of online consumers in Brazil will spend money on “live events”. This eagerness to attend live shows creates a prime opportunity for artists to captivate audiences and create memorable experiences. 

Brazilian fans are not only excited and loyal but also highly engaged on social media platforms, making them easily reachable for event promotions.

Have you ever wondered why most live concert for big acts are recorded in Brazil?Here is why:

  1. Crazy Excited Fans: Man, Brazilian fans are next level! They bring the heat, energy, and die-hard loyalty. When global artists drop by, the crowds go wild. That electric vibe? Perfect for a live recording. Trust me, both the artist and us fans totally dig it.
  2. Cool Cities & Massive Stages: Brazil’s got some rocking cities – think São Paulo, Rio, and Belo Horizonte. And the venues? Massive! Ever heard of the Maracanã Stadium in Rio? That place is HUGE and has seen some iconic gigs.
  3. Epic Throwbacks: Brazil has been the backdrop for some killer gigs. Remember Queen at Rock in Rio in ’85? Legendary! No wonder they wanted to record that magic.

Marina Amano’s Tips for Breaking into the Brazilian Market

Unlocking the Brazilian Music Market: A Guide for Indie Artists
Marina Amano

To offer you practical insights on breaking into the Brazilian music market, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Marina Amano, the founder of Listo Music, an artistic producer and marketing agency specialized in music. Marina has worked with numerous Brazilian artists and shared some valuable tips for independent artists aiming to conquer the Brazilian scene:

  • Collaboration is Key: Connect with Brazilian artists in your musical niche and explore collaboration opportunities. This can lead to cross-country tours and expanded fanbases.
  • Leverage Music Conferences: Research and participate in Brazilian music conferences like SIM São PauloMúsica MundoHacktownFIMsCOMA, Porto MusicalFeira da Música, among others.These events offer showcase opportunities to help you connect with industry professionals and fans. Check them out!
  • Seek Booking Agencies: If you already have a solid fanbase in Brazil, consider partnering with local booking agencies to facilitate show negotiations.
  • Government Support: Look into government-supported projects that can help subsidise your tour in Brazil, reducing financial barriers. 
  • Tailored Digital Marketing: Engage Brazilian audiences through effective digital marketing campaigns. Collaborate with professionals who understand the nuances of the Brazilian market, ensuring your message resonates authentically.

Do I need a Visa to play live music in Brazil?

The answer to that question will vary depending on where you are located. However, before making plans, please check the official Brazilian travel agency website, with specific information about artists wanting to come to Brazil. 

If you’re considering expanding your music journey, Brazil might just be your next big stage!

Remember, the language of music is universal, but embracing local nuances can fast-track your success in the Brazilian music landscape.

Good luck on your Brazilian adventure! 

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