Levitation Room Releases “Scene for an Exit” Single

In an eagerly awaited return, the Los Angeles psych rock veterans Levitation Room have unveiled their latest single, “Scene for an Exit,” a mesmerizing blend of funk-driven rhythms and textured sonic landscapes. Releasing their first new music in three years, the band showcases their evolution and open-mindedness, branching into new facets of rock while remaining true to their psychedelic roots.

“Scene for an Exit” captivates listeners with its undulating rhythm and pulsating intensity, mirroring the highs and lows of a relationship on the verge of collapse. Lead singer Julian Porte delves into the origins of the song, revealing that “Scene for an Exit” was one of the first compositions penned for their forthcoming album. He explains that the track materialized organically during a jam session in the band’s studio, devoid of any preconceived notions. Porte’s personal experience with heartbreak provided the impetus for the candid and poignant lyrics, encapsulating the aftermath of a failed attempt to reunite with a former partner.

Having burst onto the scene with their beloved EP “Minds of Our Own” in 2015, Levitation Room has become an integral part of the vibrant Los Angeles psych rock community. The subsequent releases of their albums “Ethos” (2016) and “Headspace” (2019) further solidified their position, propelling them to perform at renowned festivals and captivate audiences across North America and Europe.

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