5 ways Propeller helps Artists drive Impact and build Fan Community around Causes

In the ever-shifting landscape of music marketing, artists seek innovative strategies to enhance their presence and connect with fans. Enter Propeller, a digital marketing platform that offers tools to create a measurable impact while building more enduring fan communities.

From the team at Propeller.la

With over 1.7 million registered users, over $8 million raised, and 10 million actions taken on the platform, Propeller stands at the intersection of music, activism, and social impact.

Here are five reasons artists utilize Propeller to support the causes they care about:

1. Empower Fans with Meaningful Engagement

Propeller campaigns empower artists to foster deeper connections with their fans by promoting a genuine sense of engagement with issues that they care about. Through Propeller’s platform, artists can incentivize their fans to take meaningful actions, such as donating, signing petitions, volunteering, watching cause-related content and more. 

  • Tenacious D’s Voter Registration Campaign: Tenacious D used the power of their platform to encourage civic engagement, mobilizing over 40,000 fans to take more than 125,000 actions to educate themselves and get out the vote in 2022.
  • Lizzo’s Juneteenth Giveback: Lizzo, known for her passionate commitment to activism, has partnered with Propeller for the past two years of her annual Juneteenth Giveback Campaign. Her campaigns have not only driven over 100,000 actions on behalf of nonprofits like Planned Parenthood and Community Change but have also raised over $175,000 for these critical organizations.

2. Build First-Party Fan Lists

Propeller enables fans to opt-in to marketing lists from their favorite artists when taking action to create a win:win for both artists and nonprofit partners. By connecting with fans through Propeller, artists can gather valuable contact information directly, reducing reliance on external platforms. This opens up the opportunity for more personalized communication, strengthening the artist-fan relationship, and artist teams regularly see 70-90% new to list by inviting their fans in through this meaningful entry point.

  • boygenius’ Activism: The indie rock supergroup orchestrated a compelling campaign in 2023, with a flyaway sweepstakes to Red Rocks as its centerpiece. Over 35,000 fans actively participated, donating over $90,000 and driving over 100,000 actions on behalf of LGBTQ+ and criminal justice reform organizations, exemplifying the band’s ability to galvanize their community for positive change.

3. Amplify Impact and Drive Fan Engagement In Venue

By leveraging a nightly prize like a meet and greet or ticket upgrade, artists can amplify their impact and capture valuable ticket buyer information via a captive audience on tour. The program can be extremely turnkey, and Propeller does all the heavy lifting to make the experience as smooth as possible for the artist team.

  • Aly & AJ’s Charitable Efforts: During their spring headline tour, Aly & AJ raised over $100,000 for organizations like The Trevor Project and To Write Love On Her Arms by leveraging a nightly meet and greet with a fan.
  • Driving Impact with Red Rocks: Propeller has an official partnership with Red Rocks Amphitheatre, where artists can easily align with non-profits by offering ticket upgrades, meet and greets, signed items, exclusive afterparties, and more. The program has resulted in almost 300,000 actions driven and nearly $250,000 raised to date, seamlessly integrating impact into every show that plays through the venue.

4. Tap Into Marketing Reach For Your Tour and/or Album Release

For artists planning a tour or album release, Propeller offers a compelling marketing reach. With a user base of over 1.7 million registered users, the platform becomes a powerful promotional tool. Artists can leverage Propeller’s audience to further amplify their campaigns, generate buzz around an album release, and/or drive ticket sales.

  • Justin Bieber’s Justice Campaign: In honor of his album, Justice, Bieber partnered with Propeller to support organizations that embody what justice looks like in action while also amplifying marketing efforts for his global headline tour. By offering premium tickets to his tour, signed memorabilia, and a merch shopping spree, his campaign drove over 200,000 actions in support of various causes, including his Generosity Fund and NRDC Climate Action.

5. Strengthen Fan Community with a Leader Profile

Propeller recently released new functionality on the platform with Leader Profiles. Through this new feature, artists can showcase an evergreen commitment to causes, share their activism efforts, and inspire fans to join their mission. This not only fosters a sense of purpose within the fan base but also strengthens the artist’s position as a positive influencer.

  • Noah Kahan partnered with Propeller to build a custom leader profile around his mental health initiative, The Busyhead Project. The page tracks collective impact in real-time as fans take action, donate, discover resources, and earn points to get rewards from Noah. Check it out HERE.

Propeller equips artists with the tools to create a lasting impact, nurture fan communities, and easily integrate causes into their marketing strategy. Reach out to annie@propeller.la to learn more. 

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