Audioshake adds LyricSync lyric transcription and time stamping

This A2IM Indie Spotlight looks at AudioShake and its new LyricSync service and how they enhance marketing, monetization, and metadata through lyrics transcription in original and new languages and lyric time stamping.

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Better metadata and marketing with AudioShake’s lyric transcription and analysis

Today, lyrics power everything from fan engagement to promotional assets to the metadata that makes up internal catalogs. Lyrics also make it possible for music supervisors and sync teams to find the perfect song for an advertising brief. But lyrics are not always delivered along with the track—and synching each word to the track can be a laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone process. 

Enter AudioShake’s new LyricSync service, a new lyric transcription and time stamping service that allows customers to create lyric transcripts and word-by-word timestamps in seconds, with the ability to create transcripts in both the original and new languages. Here’s a look at how labels can use this service to uplevel their marketing and management efforts.

Improve Library Analysis

AudioShake can isolate the vocals from any audio file, including analog and mono tracks, at scale. Meaning entire catalog can be transcribed in bulk to improve the ability to search internal databases for keywords or themes (i.e. “songs about the sun”). So when that big streaming service wants a song for a new heist show, you can quickly find the song that talks about “taking the bag” or “getting away with it.” 

Added bonus: Opening up older catalogs to transcription can also introduce them to new monetization opportunities with low-cost lyric videos. Which we’ll dig into next. 

Capitalize on Emerging Marketing Opportunities

Lyric videos can be simple, but effective ways for labels to create promotional assets for new or existing songs. With the ability to power lyric videos in over 40 languages, LyricSync can help artists quickly reach new audiences or engage fans globally before setting off on tour. 

AudioShake has worked with artists, labels, and others – like Downtown Music Groupand LVRN – to quickly create lyric videos in multiple languages–with word-by-word time stamping that elevates traditional line-by-line video to a more karaoke-like experience. In addition, AudioShake’s multilingual capability allows customers to output these transcripts and videos in multiple languages, multiplying an artist’s ability to connect with fans in new languages. 

For example, TikTok star Lala Sadii used AudioShake to translate her track, “Murder My Feelings,” into multiple languages, multiplying her reach by ten times on Youtube. Our technology is also integrated into existing lyric video providers, who can help further elevate an artist’s video with additional creative and style options. 

DSPs like Spotify and Apple have also taken to the rising popularity of karaoke formats, introducing an embedded lyric feature for fans to follow along. With a complete catalog of time-stamped lyrics, labels can take swiftly advantage of this feature and the opportunity for audience engagement.

With industry leading speed and accuracy

At the core of this new service is our award-winning stem separation technology, which can isolate vocal stems from any audio source. From a clean acapella, our AI can transcribe and time stamp lyrics at a high level of accuracy. In fact, AudioShake’s technology surpasses the previous benchmarks established in the space.

AudioShake regularly works with labels, producers, publishers, and more to help open up songs to new possibilities. Read more about our lyric transcription service here.Any individuals or organizations looking to create clean, time-stamped lyric transcriptions with our technology can contact us directly at info@audioshake.ai.

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