Caskey Releases “Cadillac Music” Album

Orlando, Florida, has birthed a prodigious talent known as Caskey, whose lyrical prowess and raw authenticity have created ripples in the hip-hop landscape. On October 13th, Caskey released his highly anticipated full-length album, “Cadillac Music,” a 15-track masterpiece that showcases his evolution as an artist and his deepest exploration of self-expression to date.

For this transformative project, Caskey teamed up with the esteemed producer Anonymass, known for their collaboration on the critically acclaimed “Black Sheep 2.” “‘Cadillac Music’ has consumed Anonymass’s and my singular focus for the past eight months,” Caskey explains earnestly. “We returned to our roots, crafting what embodies authenticity: tuning out the white noise and harnessing the power of our unique sound, that BLACK SHEEP essence. The album cover was an homage to a past life I lived in West Orlando, a period when I teetered on the brink of quitting rap, wallowing in brokenness. What a catastrophic mistake that would have been, abandoning my purpose. I am grateful I stayed the course.”

Within “Cadillac Music,” Caskey presents a heartfelt track that resonates with cathartic power. “Dixie” interlaces a poignant apology to his mother, tenderly acknowledging the hardships she endured during his turbulent youth, battles with addiction, and painful familial losses. This self-proclaimed black sheep, now on the path to sobriety, considers “Dixie” one of his most important creations. In a powerfully emotional music video, viewers witness Caskey performing in an arena, his mother among the audience, experiencing the song’s raw honesty for the first time.

Over the course of his career, Caskey has captivated audiences with his storytelling abilities, accompanying his musical offerings with visually stunning music videos. The previously released singles from “Cadillac Music” — “I’m A Virgin,” “Firestarter,” and “Law Of Attraction” — have garnered millions of views online, a testament to Caskey‘s ability to forge connections through his artistry.

“Cadillac Music” serves as the natural progression from Caskey‘s 2022 full-length albums, “While You Wait for J.A.W.S.” and “This Isn’t Even My Final Form,” both of which ascended to the #1 spot on the iTunes Hip-Hop Album Chart. With this latest release, Caskey delves even deeper into the recesses of his soul, unearthing new layers of vulnerability and resilience.

To delve into the soul-stirring depths of “Cadillac Music” and embark on an odyssey intertwined with raw emotions, Apple Music invites you to experience the album’s ethereal melodies. By starting your free trial with Apple Music, you’ll gain access to Caskey‘s latest opus and an expansive library of musical treasures.

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