Daisy The Great Releases “Tough Kid” EP

In a world filled with fleeting melodies, Daisy The Great stands out as a beacon of introspection and artistic reinvention. Their latest EP, “Tough Kid,” marks a bold step forward in their musical journey, following the tremendous success of their previous album, “ALL YOU NEED IS TIME,” which garnered an astounding 300 million streams worldwide. Released on October 6th, 2023, the EP unveils stirring narratives and elevates their sound to new heights, leaving listeners awe-inspired and yearning for more.

At the heart of “Tough Kid” lies the unyielding creativity and collaborative spirit of the band, as they breathe new life into their beloved single, “Time Machine”. Daisy The Great reimagines and transforms their original tune into the formidable “Time Machine 2,” propelling the narrative to unforeseen territories. Embracing the age-old question of ‘what if it goes like THIS?’, the band reconsiders their musical approach, crafting an exhilarating and compelling sonic experience that transcends the boundaries of everyday remixes.

However, “Tough Kid” is more than just a showcase of reinvented tracks, it is a testament to Daisy The Great‘s relentless exploration of personal complexities and ironies. Lead singer Dugan eloquently shares, “Our music is generally pretty introspective, and we are often interested in the complexities or ironies we see within ourselves. That’s something we love about writing—you can say something small and delicate and true that maybe feels scary to say, but once you put it out there, it can turn into a comfort for anyone that might also be feeling that way.”

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