Indie Spotlight: Grow your YouTube channel with BuzzMyVideos

BuzzMyVideos is a London-based tech company founded by Ex Google/YouTube Managers. Their tech solutions and YouTube-certified team help you grow on YouTube seamlessly.

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About BuzzMyVideos

The founders of BuzzMyVideos bring extensive experience as former YouTube managers, complemented by our team of seasoned YouTube experts. At BuzzMyVideos, we collaborate with both major and independent record labels, artists, and numerous other prominent music labels, harnessing the power of our cutting-edge technology and our premium team.

Leveraging YouTube’s Power for Music Promotion and Fan Engagement

YouTube is one of the largest and most influential platforms for record labels and artists in the music industry. Our goal is to help them promote their music, reach a larger audience and grow their presence. Also help them to build a strong relationship with their fans. We are aware that YouTube offers artists more than just a platform for sharing music. It enables them to share their behind-the-scenes moments, capture their recording processes, showcase live performances, sell concert tickets and merch products, and effortlessly connect with their audience on music streaming platforms. 
Our automated content optimization technology allows us to perform single, multi or mass optimization actions across one/multi YouTube channel(s). 


Free YouTube Audit

We provide complimentary YouTube Audits for all channels. This service helps you identify any missing actions on your channel and uncover potential opportunities.

Catalogue Maximization: Custom Thumbnails at Scale

We made the ‘Thumbnail Predictor’ tool to upgrade your video thumbnails effortlessly. It scans your videos, picks the best moments, and updates all thumbnails at once. 

Single/Album Launch

Every time you launch a new single/album we promote it across the whole channel. Your music gets maximum exposure through hundreds of videos, including end screens, cards, and links in the description.

Playlist Curation

Our Playlist Curation Tool is a time-saver that creates YouTube playlists from your videos. Our technology finds the right videos to place in a playlist based on emotion, mood, and key-search trends. It helps increase your watch time and discoverability easily!

Monthly Optimizations of Viewership & Revenue

From your entire channel optimization to rights management and advertising campaigns and monetization assessment.

Boost The Views With YouTube Shorts’

Following the success we’ve had with many of our music clients on YouTube Shorts, we’ve developed a new solution to increase views through YouTube Shorts. We’re using your existing content to create Shorts. 

BuzzMyVideos is offering free access to the waiting list for AI enabled optimizations on Youtube! Click here to sign up.

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