Mon Laferte Releases Single “40 Y MM” Introducing Her Upcoming Album Autopoiética

Singer-songwriter and visual artist Mon Laferte gifted the world with her latest single, “40 Y MM.” Released on October 6th, 2023. This soulful track is an intimate reflection on Mon’s journey as a 40-year-old and a mother, an ode to self-love and embracing the beauty of reaching this remarkable age. “Nobody dies of a broken heart,” Mon croons on “40 Y MM,” weaving together a tapestry of poignant lyrics and atmospheric trip-hop beats infused with a Latin heartbeat. 

The release of “40 Y MM” is a tantalizing glimpse into Mon Laferte‘s upcoming album, Autopoiética, a resplendent masterpiece that embraces a new creative direction while paying homage to Mon’s roots as an independent artist. Autopoiética is the highly anticipated follow-up to her GRAMMY-nominated album, “1940 Carmen” (Universal). Derived from the term ‘Autopoiesis,’ coined by esteemed Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana, the album’s title speaks to the concept of a self-reproducing entity. Much like the organic growth and evolution of life, Mon’s music showcases her ability to reinvent herself and delve into uncharted sonic territories, immersing herself in different sounds and utilizing new artistic tools. “Autopoiética is a reflective album, extremely deep,” Mon shares with an air of enigmatic excitement. “It is full of challenges for me, which is why I chose the name, so I could reinvent myself. It’s my best album, I’m sure of it.”

As Mon Laferte‘s musical odyssey continues to unfold, fans and music connoisseurs alike are invited to embark on this transformative journey through her vibrant world of soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics. The release of “40 Y MM” is merely a taste of the poetic greatness that awaits within Autopoiética.

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