Poolside Releases “Moonlight” Single and Album “Blame It All On Love”

In the mystical realm of Poolside‘s ethereal soundscapes, a new celestial energy emerges, evoking the enchantment of a nautical night sky. With the release of their latest single, “Moonlight,” on October 12th, the producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Paradise has bestowed a glimpse into the forthcoming album, titled “Blame It All On Love,” set to captivate listeners on October 20th, 2023.

Pooling their talents and creative energies, Poolside crafted “Moonlight” amid the humble surroundings of Ben Browning’s garage, the heart of their artistic conception. The cosmic melodies and mellow disco rhythms of this mesmerizing track were meticulously woven together, taking shape amidst the simple framework of a card table and a rather unconventional setup. As the song began to manifest, Poolside took a leap of faith, weaving their voices with extraordinary vulnerability. Overcoming nervousness and diving into uncharted vocal territories, they entrusted the guidance of Lewis Pesacov, resulting in a recording that exceeded their wildest expectations. “Moonlight” serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, allowing oneself to surrender to the collective vision.

“We wrote this song in the humble corners of creativity, and it grew into something magnificent,” reflects Poolside. “From the sketchy card table to refining the old-school charm of the synths, ‘Moonlight’ is a testament to the creative process and a deep celebration of the magic music can create. We are incredibly proud of this song.”

“Blame It All On Love,” Poolside‘s forthcoming album, is an invitation to voyage through the depths of their sonic universe. Showcasing the boundless artistry and interweaving narratives that have characterized Poolside, the album harmonizes their unique sound with an array of notable collaborators. “Each Night” featuring Mazy, “Float Away” featuring Vansire, “Back To Life” with Panama, “Ride With You” with Ben Browning, and “We Could Be Falling In Love” are just a few of the explorations in sound that await listeners on this sonic odyssey.

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