The Rural Alberta Advantage Releases “The Rise & Fall” Album

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes

The Rural Alberta Advantage, a percussive folk-rock trio known for their introspective and emotive soundscapes, released their highly anticipated fifth full-length album, “The Rise & Fall,” on October 6, 2023. This marks their first full-length offering in six years, and fans eagerly await the musical journey it promises to be.

The album’s first single, “Conductors,” captivates listeners with its rousing melody and thought-provoking lyrics. The track reflects on the eternal question of why we often find ourselves evading the very joys that should bring us fulfillment. Edenloff shared his creative process behind the song, candidly admitting that while being part of a band brings him immense joy, it is the act of writing songs that often plagues him with self-doubt and mental anguish. Yet, through perseverance and the support of his bandmates, he emerges victorious, embracing the vulnerabilities and complexities of his craft.

“The Rise & Fall” is a testament to the band’s resilience and determination, triumphantly born out of the challenges posed by the pandemic. With their Zoom meetings and online collaborations, they navigated the unknown, piecing together a musical tapestry that speaks to the shared human experience of uncertainty, persistence, and hope. As they emerged from the confines of their remote rehearsals in borrowed warehouses, The Rural Alberta Advantage returned to the studio, enlisting the talents of renowned producer Gavin Gardiner. Together, they breathed life into their creation, layer by layer, allowing each note to resonate deeply with their listeners. It is an album that whispers in your ear, tugs at your heartstrings, and weaves a rich tapestry of emotions. 

For truly immersive experience and to embark on this transformative musical odyssey, listeners are invited to embark on a free trial of Apple Music. Through Apple Music, one can unlock the entire album’s sonic narrative, delving into each track’s emotional depths and surrendering to the irresistible allure of The Rural Alberta Advantage‘s artistry.

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