What are sped-up songs and why are they so popular?

This week’s Hypebot Flashback Friday resurfaces a post that goes deeper into one of the main culprits described in this week’s article on how 1 million modified tracks on streamers are diverting revenue from rightsholders.

Sped-up songs on TikTok – Why are they so popular?

How the trend of speeding up songs for TikTok sounds is shaping music on the app and revealing discoveries about its listeners.

by Janelle Borg of AmplifyYou

If you have been anywhere near TikTok – or streaming services, for that matter – you have certainly come across the phenomenon of sped up songs. The genre known as “nightcore” has taken over social media and helped propel songs and artists to stardom. But what is the reason for the popularity of sped up songs on TikTok? And how does this trend reflect listening habits?


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