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2024 Music Industry Predictions from Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

We’re sharing 2024 Music Industry Predictions from our favorite thinkers and doers, and today, Bobby Owsinski takes the stage.

Regular Hypebot readers know Bobby as a contributor via his Music 3.0 blog, but he’s also a celebrated studio mixing engineer, teacher, author, and podcast host.

by Bobby Owsinsky

AI tools will be more transparent

Just as AI operations now go unnoticed when we open our phones or use navigation, so it will be with music AI tools shortly. Instead of being aware that AI is helping us, we will have Assistants, Copilots, and Companions that will do the same thing without calling attention to the technology.

The end of data-driven A&R 

For the last few years, label A&R executives have relied on data to determine who to sign. This has not proven successful in predicting artists that would have long-term success. A&R execs will have to resort to the methods of their predecessors, and having a good ear will once again be a valuable asset in that position.

Music production technology will finally break outside the box 

Instead of trying to copy the feel, sound, and workflow of 50-year-old analog technology, a new generation of audio designers and developers will finally break that paradigm and develop new tools for a new generation that’s no longer tied to those concepts. This will include software and devices at every step of the music production chain, from recording to mixing to mastering to distribution.

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