How to sell more music merch using these 8 proven tactics

Selling merch is more than just a revenue stream for music artists – it’s a way to deepen your connection with Superfans. Want to know how? Here are eight super strategies to create merch that resonates with your fans and amps up your sales:

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1. Ask Your Fans What Merch They Want

The first step is finding out what your fans are into. Run some quick polls on social media or chat with folks at your shows. Involving them in this way will make them feel closer to you and part of the process – a win for everyone!

2. Be You, But on a T-Shirt (Or Anything Else)

Your merch should reflect who you are as an artist. Don’t just slap your name on a t-shirt and call it a day. Create designs that truly embody your music and story. Sure, Kesha once dropped a hot sauce line, but it cleverly tied into her “Raising Hell” campaign. The goal is to make merch that fans will proudly wear as a symbol of their dedication to you.

kesha's best artist merch strategy for music sales on shopify

3. Exclusive Stuff for Your Superfans

Exclusivity turns up superfans. Offer special items like signed vinyl or limited edition drops just for fan club members. Just look at how Nickelback treats their fan club with exclusive merch and presale codes – it’s a fantastic way to reward loyalty.

nickelback fan club exclusive merch with presale codes for members

4. Cater to All Fans and Budgets

From new listeners to fans who know every lyric, have something for everyone. Offer simple merch for newcomers and luxe pieces for diehards who make every show. Sara Evans nails this, with budget finds up to rare gems, limited to her fan club.

sara evans caters to every fan with artist merch for all budgets diehards super fans and casual listeners

5. Promote Your Merch 

You can certainly do this on social media or at live shows, but you can also do it via livestreams right in your shop. Take inspiration from Beauty School Dropout and launch your next line of merchandise during a live hang with fans exactly where the sales happen – in your store.

artist live shopping merch launch on shopify

6. Build Your Community with Freebies

Free merch for joining your mailing list or fan club can be a great incentive. It’s a way to thank your fans and make them seen when they join your community, similar to how Burn the Jukebox does with their free fan club tees and lanyards.

tiktok band burn the jukebox membership with exclusive welcome gifts for loyal fan club members

7. Move Old Merch with Mystery Boxes

Not all merch sells out right away. A creative solution? Mystery boxes! These can be one-time offers or part of a subscription model, filled with unsold items. It’s a fun way for fans to receive unexpected goodies and helps you clear out inventory.

8. Bundle It Up

Here’s a pro tip – bundle discounted merch with music as an added value. Or create chart-eligible music and merch combos for any releases coming out. Bethel and Lil Dicky are all on this tactic, with some unique fan packs that not only boost sales but count on the charts.

Lil dicky music and merch bundle fan pack for pentith tee + cd on shopify


In the end, these strategies offer ideas to enhance your merchandise sales. Above all, focus on connecting with your fans through items that reflect you as an artist, and you’ll soon see your fans proudly wearing your totes and tees!

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