12 Free must-have Artist Accounts that drive Music Promotion

Before releasing music, musicians and music marketers need to sign up and use these 12 free platforms to inform and improve their promotional efforts.

by Chris Robley of Reverbnation Blog

Any time you officially release new music, it should feel like a big occasion. 

Even if you’re a prolific producer dropping new singles every 6 weeks, you still want all your tracks get the most attention possible, and see each new song go further than the last. 

That means doing it right. Both through proper music distribution AND early music promotion efforts. 

Music promo begins BEFORE the release

In the age of streaming, a lot of the promotional steps you need to take actually happen on-platform and prior to release. 

You prep your new music for launch by claiming or updating your artist profiles at various DSPs, then you use their platform’s tools in advance of the release date to amplify your reach. 

To help you make the most of your music release, I wrote this list of DSP dashboards, artist promo tools, and other music accounts you’ll want to have access toBEFORE your music is available. 

Think of it as a quick guide for what to do when you’re in that strange period between signing up for distribution and your actual release date. 

Let’s get you ready!

Claim or update these accounts before you release new music

  1. Spotify for Artists 

This artist dashboard gives you quite a few ways to brand yourself and promote new tracks on one of the world’s most influential music platforms. 

Once you’ve customized your profile with photos, bio, playlists and picks, it’s time to explore promo tools such as Marquee, Canvas, and their direct pitching portal for editorial playlist consideration.

Claim or update your Spotify for Artists account. 

  1. Apple Music for Artists

Similar to Spotify for Artists, this account is your gateway to artist branding and analytics on Apple Music.

Customize your profile, get updates on exciting milestones for your music, and (fun feature) see if people are discovering your music by using Shazam!

Claim or update your Apple Music for Artists account.

  1. Amazon Music for Artists

Another important streaming platform — Amazon Music — gives you access to a robust artist dashboard. 

You can view interesting data (including how many people are using voice/Alexa to discover your tracks), have some control over your brand appearance on the platform, and pitch songs to their editorial team.

Claim or update your Amazon Music for Artists account.

  1.  YouTube Official Artist Channel 

When you distribute tracks to YouTubeMusic, they appear in what’s called a “Topic channel.” This is a YouTube property, separate from your OWN channel.

However, you can merge that content so it appears under your own channel, and view the associated analytics. You do this by requesting an “Official Artist Channel.” It’s not a new channel, per se, but a new format for your own channel that now includes the Topic-channel content. 

Apply for a YouTube Official Artist Channel.

  1. Deezer for Creators

Deezer, one of Europe’s most important music services, gives you the ability to shape your music’s destiny on their platform.  

This includes brand amplification, bio translation, and analytics tools. 

Sign up or login to Deezer for Creators.

  1. Pandora AMP

Pandora is still a powerhouse of music discovery in America, and in many public businesses such as restaurants, health clinics, and more. 

With Pandora AMP, you can talk to your fans directly, position certain tracks for extra attention, and much more. 

Claim or use your Pandora AMP account.

  1. TIDAL Artist Home

Like other DSPs, Tidal Artist Home offers you a dashboard where you can customize your visual vibe. 

TIDAL also occasionally beta-tests new features (like pitching) among artists who’ve claimed their TIDAL Artist Home account. 

Claim or update your Tidal Artist Home profile. 

  1. At least one social video app

You don’t have to be everywhere. But you should have an active presence on at least ONE of these platforms:

Vertical video is one of the primary ways people discover music in 2024. 

  1. MusixMatch

Want to get your synchronized lyrics moving in time to the music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram?

Verify your artist on MusixMatch Pro.

  1. LyricFind

How about your lyrics officially appearing on TikTok Music, Google, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and more? 

Become a verified artist on LyricFind.

  1. ReverbNation

Presumably you’re here because you’re about to release new music!

Well, you should know that not only does a ReverbNation membership INCLUDE worldwide distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many others.

It also comes with industry access and music promo tools you can use to boost your newest track. Our growing roster of Opportunities enables you to submit your music (no extra fee) for radio shows, playlists, gigs and festivals, labels and managers, mixing and mastering consultations, free vinyl pressing, and much more. 

Get pro distribution, powerful promo tools, and unprecedented music industry access.

  1. Meta Ads Manager

Like the social apps above, this dashboard is NOT specific to music. But it can be one of the BEST places to spend your time (and money) promoting music. 

Yes, ads on Facebook and Instagram are still one of the most effective ways to grow an audience and earn revenue. If done well, of course.

Noone begins as an ad wizard though. But in order to get better you have to get started. 

Claim or log back into your Meta ads dashboard.


That’s quite a list of accounts to claim, and we haven’t even gotten into royalty collection services like SoundExchange, The MLC, Performing Rights Organizations, and more. 

But you have some work ahead of you, so we’ll leave it there for now.

Happy clicking, claiming, and customizing!

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