How to get the most out of Facebook for Musicians

The year has just started, and Facebook has made significant changes for creators and professional users. Here’s everything you need to know to get up to date…

by STEFANIE PAGAN of The Orchards Daily Rind Blog

Although it’s a new year, Facebook still remains the most popular online social network in the world, with 3.07 billion monthly active users as of the end of 2023. By rolling out features like Following and Favorites feeds and revamping tools like Stories and Reels, keeping a presence on the platform is easier than ever. With that being said, let’s talk about how you can best use Facebook. 

Professional Dashboard

In June of 2023 Facebook announced new guides and resources for your Professional Dashboard. You can now learn tips and tricks and best practices directly within Creator Education on your Professional Dashboard. To find your Professional Dashboard from your page:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. To the right of your Page name, click or tap Manage.
  3. Professional dashboard will open.

Facebook Reels


The latest addition to Facebook’s Reels features is the ability to add song lyrics to your videos. The goal is to make Reels more fun and engaging while the user has their sound off. To try it out on your next Reel, tap the button to add audio. From there you can customize how the lyrics show up on your Reel by picking a font style and which lyrics you want to show. Lastly, tap “done” and then you have your finished Reel.


Facebook users can now utilize the “Add Yours” sticker on stories and Reels, much like they do on Instagram. This sticker is ideal for encouraging audiences to interact directly with an artist’s page and music. 

When someone uses the sticker in a Reel, the content is collected on a separate page dedicated to the prompt. The original creator is also credited at the top of the prompt page, bringing everything back to them. Once the responses are in, artists should take use of the opportunity to communicate with their followers. 

2024 Facebook Best Practices

(Image via Meta)


The new feature of cross-posting Instagram Reels to Facebook makes it even easier to share your short-form content. Before you hit the post button on your Instagram Reel, toggle the switch that says “Share Your Reels to Facebook.” If you believe your content will always work on Facebook, you can select to automatically share your Reels or turn it off for individual videos.


Users can now create, schedule, and publish Facebook Reels in Creator Studio, as well as track their progress. This will help artists stay organized, save time, and start thinking ahead to minimize the clutter of content to post around releases by scheduling their content.   


Facebook Reels users now have access to more detailed analytics, including reach, average watch time, and total view time. Meta’s Business Suite shows users a plethora of different metrics for their Reels. Those specific insights include minutes watched, average minutes viewed, reach, plays, comments, shares, likes and reactions.

Following vs Favorites Feeds 

Meta has launched a similar viewing option for your Facebook feed, similar to their sister platform, Instagram. You can now view posts from your friends, groups, pages, and more in chronological order under the “Feeds” tab. Your Home tab will continue to display personalized content that the discovery engine believes you’ll be interested in.

(video via Facebook)

It’s difficult to keep up with the influx of new platforms in recent years, but Facebook has reframed the user experience to remain top of mind as a hub of information for fans’ favorite artists. Facebook is still a social media and entertainment industry leader, and it is an essential tool for artists and creators to use to expand their global reach and fanbase!

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