QUICK HITS: SiX18 + TKO • RSD + Tragically Hip • Vetfi + Downtown • So So Def + Create • Hangout FM + Beatdapp

Music promoter, marketing, and branding specialist Clay Busch has launched SiX18 Media, an agency focused on broadening artist and creator influence and revenue streams.

Eliza Tew joined as Director of Brand Partnerships and Talent Manager.

SiX18 has formed a strategic alliance with The Kirby Organization (TKO), the live music agency led by Andrew Goodfriend and Mike Monterulo.

The Tragically Hip have been named Record Store Day 2024 Canadian Ambassadors and will be releasing an exclusive live album, Live at CBGB’s, on Record Store Day as part of the band’s year-long 40th anniversary celebration.

RSD’s global celebration of independent record stores takes place on April 20, 2024.

• Media rights data management provider Verifi has expanded the partnership between Downtown
and its Verifi Rights Data Alliance (VRDA). Songtrust will be the first of Downtown Music’s
publishing services to join the alliance, following Downtown Music company FUGA in 2022.

“Members of the VRDA have access to a set of collaborative tools for metadata exchange across music’s
digital value chain while allowing each entity to maintain its own proprietary database.”

So So Def Recordings has inked a multi-year deal with Create Music Group. Jermaine Dupri. Dupri will also serve as the new Creative Director for Create Music Group

Dupri will transition from CEO of So So Def Recordings to Chairman & Founder and has appointed Bryan Patrick Franklin as the new CEO and Joe Romulus Esq as Head of Legal Business Affairs.

• At its launch in later 2024, Turntable‘s Hangout FM will use Beatdapp to detect and prevent streaming fraud on its platform.

Under the agreement, Hangout FM will gain access to hundreds of Beatdapp’s real-time fraud detection models, behavior predictive models for identifying fraud before it occurs, and stream tracking tools, which work together to find missing royalties and identify streaming manipulation.

Bruce Houghton

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