5 Different ways to utilize Smart Links for musicians

Smart links are a fast and easy way to get all those interested in your music directly to your content. Here are 5 different ways musicians can use these features across platforms.

by Collin Steinz of Bandzoogle

As an independent musician, you’re doing everything you can to promote your music and grow your following. To help you, Bandzoogle has created a Smart Links feature that is free with every Bandzoogle plan, and helps you connect your fans to your music in a few simple clicks.

Smart Links are direct links to your music that can exist on any page of your website. You can use the Smart Links feature on a Music page promoting a new album, or create a standalone landing page to encourage fans from social media to play and buy your music. The layout is sleek and professional and allows you to list every platform where your music is available, displaying a simple stack of links that is inviting and user friendly. 

The Smart Links feature is easy to add and will match your website’s existing design. We collected a few of the best examples of Smart Links being used, to show you how to effectively promote your music. These artists have really taken their Smart Links to the next level – let’s look at what they’ve set up:

1. Use Smart Links to promote new music

Baroque-pop artist Bomethius is making good use of Smart Links to promote new music. He’s added the feature to promote a new single, Aida, from his upcoming album. 

He uses the artwork section of the Smart Links feature to upload a hi-res image of the single cover to catch people’s attention, and includes some text to give fans insight into the project and the song itself. Beneath the text, any fan is able to click to stream or purchase the new single on their preferred platform. This makes it easy to get fans listening and engaged on the platform of their choice while also allowing them to support him directly.

Bandzoogle - best Smart Link pages for musicians. Screenshot of artist Aida's music website, Smart Links page

Artist website example: Bomethius

2. Promote your back catalog through Smart Links

With the popularity of TikTok, the focus around needing new music has shifted. Artists’ back catalogs are going viral on social media, revitalizing both careers and music that many people had forgotten about. Being an artist, you likely have multiple releases under your belt. You can use the Smart Links feature to share your songs, helping new fans explore your back catalog and discover not just your new direction, but the music that helped forge your path as an artist.

Musician Steve Hartsoe does a great job with the Smart Links feature to promote his discography on his Store page. Each release is accompanied by a Spotify link and a link to  directly purchase his music. This will make it easy for any new fans to take a deep dive into the musical world that Steve has created. It also creates a crisp grid that makes his website feel professional.

Bandzoogle - best Smart Link pages for musicians. Screenshot of artist Steve Hartsoe's music website, Smart Links page

Artist website example: Steve Hartsoe

3. Convert followers into fans with Smart Links

If you’re releasing music in 2024, it’s very likely you’re committed to a social media campaign to help promote your music. This is where a Smart Links page can help you optimize the experience for fans and help your campaign be as successful as possible. 

Using Bandzoogle’s Smart Links tool, you can create a custom landing page that is specifically designed so that  link followers on social media arrive at your music. New York-based artist Superknova does a great job of this on their Smart Links page. It’s a single page with colors that pop and an image that helps compliment their sound and style. On the page, they have made sure to provide links to every platform where they’re active.

This is especially useful long term. You never know when a reel or TikTok may catch some virality, so including links to your Patreon or Discord is a great idea. Even if it’s not the priority during an album release cycle, you never know when fans may be pouring in, looking to support you in the way they love most.

Bandzoogle - best Smart Link pages for musicians. Screenshot of artist Superknova's music website, Smart Links page

Artist website example: Superknova

4. Use Smart Links in your EPK

Having an electronic press kit available as an independent artist is a must. It allows you to showcase your music, achievements, and let industry professionals know exactly who you are and what you’re best at. So when you start growing your buzz and people go searching for your best work, you want to make sure your music is easily available. 

Including the Smart Link feature on your EPK is a great way to help fans and industry professionals find reviews of your project online. Electronic music producer Rozarc has created an EPK that includes a press photo, a well written bio, a music player, and then a Smart Links feature that easily links to significant press from his previous release cycle. It’s a great way to lead industry professionals to reviews of your live show, allowing them to see what your buzz is about.

Bandzoogle - best Smart Link pages for musicians. Screenshot of artist Rozarc's music website, Smart Links page

Artist website example: Rozarc

5. Create a pre-order and pre-save campaign with Smart Links

As an artist, you’re trying to make sure as many people as possible hear your new releases. One way of doing that is by using Smart Links to orchestrate pre-order campaigns for your physical releases, and pre-save campaigns for streaming services such as Spotify. Using Smart Links for your music release can help you generate income and create a buzz leading up to release day.

Val Merza does a great job of this for her upcoming Colors EP. She used the Smart Links feature to make it easy for fans to pre-save her music on their preferred streaming service, and linked to stores where they can purchase the music ahead of release date. This all falls under one URL, making it convenient to share with fans and include in a social media bio link. 

Bandzoogle - best Smart Link pages for musicians. Screenshot of artist Val Merza's music website, Smart Links page

Artist website example: Val Merza

Bandzoogle’s Smart Links feature is a powerful tool that seamlessly consolidates your purchase and streaming options, making it easier for you to promote new music to fans and connect industry professionals to your content. It’s fully customizable, so you can be sure it will pop on every page where you use it. Use the sleek, shareable, and mobile-friendly format of the Smart Links feature to provide a clear promotional image, streamlined buttons, and eye-catching titles alongside a description that encapsulates your artistry, encouraging fans and industry professionals to review your latest release and support your project.

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